October 7, 2016

Friday - Sunny and warmish

A good day.

I overslept again this morning.  I was rather annoyed with myself as I wanted to watch The X-Files, but missed it completely.  Still, I did get up!

I had breakfast and watched something from yesterday on the DVR and then finally got dressed and made the bed.  I was still making it when F came home for his lunch.  He ate and then left again.  He did bring me an ice cream which I just remembered. I haven’t eaten it yet!

In the afternoon I watched a little bit of telly and even had my lunch early for a change.  After that, I went for a walk.  I needed to go to the bank machine, so I walked there.  I also detoured around the grocery store and then went to McDonald and had a quick cappuccino.  It was quite nice, plus I read a little on my phone so I did enjoy myself. 

I came home and then got started on dinner.  I washed the few dishes from the day and then started cooking.  Today I used a spice packet and made a tomato and avocado salad, got it in the fridge early for dinner.  I also decided to make avocado pasta, so I was preparing that when F came home from work.  Finally everything came together and we ate.  We had two avocado dishes, but they were rather nice.  The avocado pasta was okay, not great, but quite easy so I was happy with it.  I think if the avocado was a day or possibly two riper, it would have been better.

F was apparently exhausted so I did the dishes while he sat on the couch and watched me.  At 9:00 pm I watched the last episode (sob, sob) of White Collar.  I’ll miss it as it was rather fun.

I did some crochet on the couch while I watched Numbers and made some tea for us as well.  I broke out the tea I got in Korea and it was very nice.  

And that’s about it. F is off snoozing and I’m still up.  I’ll try and get myself off to bed soon though.  It is highly unlikely that I’ll post tomorrow night as I’m off to Niigata to meet up with friends for the next couple of days.  Please don’t miss me too much.  Until….next time….

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