November 14, 2016

Monday - Clear and sunny

A good day, with added supermoon at night!

I woke up this morning and looked at the living room clock.  I can see it from my bed.  It said it was 7:40 or so and I was happy.  I thought I had enough time to go back to sleep for a bit.  Then, I looked at my iPhone and it said it was 8:30.  Yes, the living room clock had stopped again.  It was horribly inaccurate anyway.  It was finally up to 25-30 minutes fast, so useful more more of a suggestion of the time, rather than the actual time!

I wish I could tell you that I got up then and stayed up, but I didn’t.  I went back to sleep and woke up again after 10.  Sigh.

I got up, had some tea and breakfast, and watched something from the DVR I think. I had a shower in there too. Yay me.  

I spent a bit of time looking for spaghetti squash recipes, and decided to make one tomorrow.  I did a few other things around the apartment and thought about going out.  I never did. I had lunch instead and then it was time to start dinner.  
F surprised me today by calling me around 5:30 and then coming home.  Lately, he hasn’t been coming home until 6:30 or 7 so I hadn’t started dinner at all.  And, tonight I was baking potatoes and hadn’t even started the oven. 

F dragged me outside for a bit to see the Supermoon.  It did look a little clearer, but it wasn’t that big.  Sadly, the sky was quite cloudy and the moon was covered most of the time. 

I got dinner underway and the potatoes were finally in the oven.  I had the other things ready to go and when I checked the potatoes they were still rock hard.  I had to cook them an additional 40 minutes before they were done.  

I decided it was a “Make it Work” moment and served dinner in courses!  We had our chicken and salads first, then eventually the potatoes.  I had taken the baked potatoes, split them, and put toppings in them, then re-baked them for a few minutes.  It was a thing I saw around Facebook.  Well, I should have used a hotter oven and/or smaller potatoes I guess!  

Still, the potatoes, when they were done, were quite good.  We split one with cheddar and tomato, and one with (fake) sour cream and red onion.  I have one left for my lunch tomorrow that I am looking forward to…it has feta cheese and olives on it.  F doesn’t really like feta so I’m quite okay with eating that one by myself!

I did all the dishes too.  Honestly, there weren’t that many anyway, since I used a lot of aluminum foil tonight.  I served the final thing, some fresh blueberries that we bought last night. Yum.  F had some chocolate ice cream with his, I abstained since I knew it would plug my nose up really badly. 

F wasn’t feeling well tonight and went to bed for a bit before coming back for tea and his bath.  I didn’t get to watch anything I wanted to watch until late, and even then it was a repeat.  

That’s about it.  F is off sleeping and I’m planning to get some sleep soon too.  I’m not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow. I’d love to go out but not sure that I’ll be able to go.  I do have to mail my postcards that I wrote tonight.  Yay me.  

Come back later if you dare and see what I get up to on Tuesday.  Until tomorrow….

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