November 15, 2016

Tuesday - Cloudy with some rain

A good day.

In the first place, I got out of bed a bit late, but in enough time to see some of The X-Files.  I had some tea this morning and my overnight oats.  They were very good.  Good enough that I made some for tomorrow too!

F kept popping in at home during the day, which I really hate. It just so happens that when I want to start doing something, he arrives. It really annoys me.  Today, I was going to start cooking the spaghetti squash for dinner, but he came home.  And wanted to use the microwave and the kitchen.  AHHHHH!  Then he turned the TV back on and it was loud.  I went and hid in the bedroom for a while, I just needed some quiet.  He did check on me to do him credit. I just needed to chill a bit.

After he left, I got my old crockpot out and washed the outside of the squash and then fitted it into my  slow cooker.  It just fit.  I turned it on, put on the lid and done. 

I scanned some cards in the afternoon and watched a couple of things from the DVR.  I got the weekend’s Wallender and later on an episode of Once Upon a Time watched too.  I had a quick late lunch of a reheated baked potato and then rushed off to the post office.

I mailed off my cards and on the way back, picked up a couple of things at the little vegetable shop on the way.  

At home, I put all the ingredients for Spaghetti Squash Yakisoba together and then when I judged it ready, I got the squash out.  It was ready.  When F arrived, I kicked everything up a notch and we had our meal.  

It was good.  I made the yakisoba and put a fried egg on the top of it for each of us.  F seemed to enjoy the meal.  I’m not sure if it really tasted like yakisoba, but I enjoyed it!  For dessert we even had some pineapple that I bought today too.  

F did the dishes and then asked if I’d like to go out and see the moon again.  I got outside first, but it was cloudy and I couldn’t see anything.  Then, it started to rain!  When F came out, we tried to find a place to see better and ended up walking around the very long block!  The moon did find a clear bit of sky for a few seconds.  I’d show you my pictures, but they aren’t very good.  

We went grocery shopping after that. I needed a yogurt refill, and a few other things. We made a quick trip around the store and came home.

I watched Criminal Minds and finished off my first square of the new afghan, and then started a second.  I got it nearly done, but had to quit.  

At midnight I sent my sister an email and asked if I could FaceTime her as tomorrow is her birthday and I wanted to say hi.  I spent about an hour with her, which was really nice for me.  

And that was my day.  It turned out rather well to be honest.  Come back later and see what I get up to on Wednesday!  Until tomorrow….

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