November 17, 2016

Thursday - Rainy, with some clear skies

A good day.

I got up early this morning.  Yup, before my show, and stayed up. I was terribly surprised at myself.  I watched all of The X-Files, had my breakfast and also some tea.  

I even stayed up after that.  I knew that F wasn’t coming home for lunch today, so I went into the bedroom, made the bed and then started putting some things away.  I went through some of my drawers very thoroughly and threw out a bunch of stuff.  Anything old, tattered or stained was out.  I found a ton of old socks…some I managed to match, others not.  I sorted them out and put them back in the drawers too.  I now have two big bags of garbage that I have to throw out from the bedroom.  Yay me.

That took quite a while, and afterwards, I did a bunch of laundry of the stuff that I hadn’t warn in a long time.  It had that “closet” smell, so washing was in order.  I thought I’d be able to rest then, but I was still hanging up laundry, putting away laundry and having lunch.  I had the last of the baked potatoes for lunch and it was amazing!

F came home earlier than I thought he would tonight, so after I finished the dishes I had to get dinner under way.  Luckily it was mostly a heat or reheat kind of thing.  We shared half of a spaghetti squash and had it with carbonara sauce.  On the side we had a salad with mini tomatoes and there was some smoked duck breast too.  It was good.  I didn’t think F would really like it as he claims not to like spaghetti squash, but it was good.  

He did the dishes, and offered to make us some bread for the morning. I suggested putting some apple in it, and I think that’s what he has done.  I’m looking forward to having some at lunch!

We had a quiet evening.  I watched Bones and crocheted one square and started another one, so I was pleased. Afterwards, I half-watched Elementary and did some Postcrossings. 

That is really about it for me for today.  Tomorrow I’m at home again, I’ll likely scan my cards and send them from the post office.  I’m cooking dinner too.  Check back later and see what I make! 

Until tomorrow….

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