November 20, 2016

Sunday - Drizzly

A good day.

I slept in very late this morning but as we didn’t have plans I didn’t mind too much.  I got up and had some of F’s coffee.  After a while we talked about where to go for lunch.  However, it was almost 3 pm and most places would be closed for lunch after that.  

After a bit I suggested going to the Kimuraya Factory store…it’s a bakery store with some chairs and coffee on tap for customers.  We went there and were each able to get something to eat and then we were off again.  I had wanted to go to La Casa, a kitchen and home goods store.  We popped in and spent quite a bit of time having a look around the place.  I loved their kitchen stuff, but it was a bit expensive.  I found some tiny possible stocking stuffers in the stationary store, got them and thought myself quite fortunate.  

We went into Hard Off again and had a look around.  It was horrible for our allergies and all we ended up getting were 3 little bowls.  I’m hoping they’ll be useful.  Our bowls that are the same size have been broken or chipped.  After that, we went over to another shop in the area, hacked around, but didn’t buy anything. 

We had dinner after that.  We went to a pasta restaurant that we went to once before.  I had some pasta with some side dishes, and F had a baked curry dish.  I had dessert too, I though F would share it with me, but he didn’t.  

We came home afterwards and had a quiet night in.  

We are off for a couple of days to celebrate F’s birthday so I won’t be updating for a few days.  Don’t miss me too much.  I’ll be back later this week though.  Until then….

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