November 27, 2016

Sunday - Rainy

A good day.

I slept in this morning and then got up a little after 11.  F made us some coffee and then we went out for lunch. I suggested going to one of the Daiichi Hotel’s restaurants and when we got there, there was only one open.  We went there and had a very nice meal.  We had roast pork and it came with dessert, bread or rice, coffee or tea, soup and salad so it was a decent lunch.

After lunch, I had suggested going to the Internet Cafe as F’s back was really bad today.  We drove over there, got a parking space and went in.  We couldn’t get massaging chairs at first, but suddenly two were available after we were in reclining chairs for a while.  We moved and spent quite a long time there.  Before we moved, I started watching Dumb and Dumber Two, but decided I wasn’t that dumb and didn’t watch the end of it.  The only reasons I’d think about watching more were Jeff Daniels and Kathleen Turner, and they just weren't enough.  

I did a lot of crochet today, I got about 4 and a half squares done at the internet cafe so that was good. I also watched more of LA Frock Stars and enjoyed that too.  

When F and I left the Internet Cafe, we went to a udon restaurant and thought it was okay.  Then, we bought a few groceries and came home.

I watched an Agatha Christie on TV and did a bit more crochet.  I will try and take a picture tomorrow of the squares laid out.  I have to finish a bunch of the squares before I can join them though.  I think it is looking good.  

F went to bed around midnight and I am still up. I’m not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow.  I hope to get a few things done that I have been putting off, or I might wrap a few Christmas presents to see how big of a box I’ll need to send them in.  

Come back later if you are up to it and see what I get up to on Monday.  Until tomorrow….

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