November 9, 2016

Wednesday - Rainy and Windy and Cold

Personally? A good day….For the US?  It remains to be seen.

I got up a little late this morning because I’d been up and then went back to bed for a bit.  Sigh.  Still, I watched some of the X-Files and had my breakfast and some tea.  

I changed the station after the show and ended up watching election coverage.  I spent most of the afternoon watching and covering my eyes.  Unbelieveably, Trump won.  I truly hope that he surprises me in a good way.  I’m not a US citizen, I probably won’t be directly affected by his policies, but I fear for my friends that may be.  And of course for the indirect ways we’ll be affected.  

I did some laundry and I also watched some of the stuff from the DVR when I couldn’t take it anymore.  

F came home a little early tonight, since he didn’t go to his mothers’. He sat on the couch while I got dinner finished.  We had reheated Swiss Chard/bean stew from last night, plus salad and some baby carrots that I did tonight.  I also opened a can of Spam and we had some of that with dinner too! Actually, dinner was quite good.  

F did the dishes and then watched some TV, I spent time on my computer and worried about the state of the world. 

At 10pm I went to the couch and did an hour of darning on my poncho.  I have one side finished now, only 3 more to go.  Yay   

And that’s about my day today.  I ran my postcards to the post office tonight, but it was cold and windy and there were a gazillion birds flying around so it was a bit creepy too! 

Tomorrow if the weather allows, I might make a trip to the craft shop to see what kind of yarn they have, and possibly have lunch out.  I’m not really sure.  Come back later and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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