December 11, 2016

Sunday - Snowy

A good day.

I got up this morning—oops, early afternoon and F fed me some coffee and some bread that he made.  Yep, he started making bread again today.  Yay.  It was nice.  

After a little while we went out for lunch.  We went to Kintaro Sushi.  It was after lunch time so it wasn’t very busy at all.  I had some sashimi and some sushi too.  It was all very nice.

After lunch, we tried to order some sushi for New Year Day, but they weren’t open.  I asked if we could go to the bookstore to look for a calendar, but when we did, they didn’t have any I liked.  From there, we went over to S-Mall and I looked for, and found a nice one of Japanese flowers.  It’s for a relative so I hope that she likes it. I also got a book for nengajo making.  I’m planning to send some this year, even though F isn’t.  I even bought a few blank postcards from the post office booth in the lobby of the mall.  Along the way, F and I had a cup of tea or coffee at Doutors.  Yay us.

F dropped me off at home and went to check on his mother.  When he came back we went out again.  We stopped back in at the sushi delivery place, but they don’t have their holiday menu out yet.  We have to go back next weekend.  We went for dinner to Jiro, the first time in ages.

At Jiro, F had our favourite, the pork saute in garlic oil, and I had chicken saute.  While I was there, I suggested me making soup for tomorrow’s dinner…a good hearty chicken soup would be nice with this weather.  F agreed, and suggested that he make some nice bread to go with it. 

We picked up some groceries and then came home.  F did his patented listening to his computer while watching TV thing, but at 11 pm I changed the channel and watched Downton Abbey and did a little crochet.  

While F was watching TV, I made up a master list of the things I’m sending to my sister’s family for Christmas.  It’s good that I’ll be able to give it to the post office instead of having to make it up while I am there.  

Anyway, that was my day.  It worked out rather well.  Tomorrow I have to try and make soup in the earlier part of the day, and hopefully get to the post office if the weather isn’t too bad.  I will also have to try and wrap the calendar that I bought and maybe if possible, write up another card or two.  Wow!  I might be busy.  

Come back later and see just what, if anything I manage to get done.  Until tomorrow…. 

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