December 13, 2016

Tuesday - Rainy

A good day.

Last night I had made arrangements to meet up with a friend to discuss some work opportunities for me.  Unfortunately, she had to cancel as she wasn’t feeling well.  However, my friend in Sakata was coming to Tsuruoka on business and asked if we could meet up.  At first I had to decline because I already had plans, but when my other friend cancelled we decided to get together after all.

I got up early this morning, had some tea and cereal, then watched a bit of TV.  I took a quick shower and then got dressed.  I went out to meet my friend just after 12.  She picked me up, and as we were driving out of the parking place, saw F making his way home for lunch.  We waved and went on.

We had sandwiches at Subway, with the potatoes and a drink.  My friend had some Baskin Robbins too. I was going to, but decided I’d better not if I didn’t want to have my nose running all day tomorrow.

My friend had to be back to work by 2, so she left Tsuruoka.  I looked around the mall a bit and then went over to my hairdresser’s to see if she was free.  She wasn’t then, but asked if I’d come back at 3:00 pm.  Of course!  I went back to the mall, walked around a little and then went back for my hair cut.  

I got my hair cut really short again, but I like it.  It looks quite good, and a lot more stylish again.  It was getting a bit long and shaggy.  

I went back to the mall and had a cup of tea in Doutors and then decided to walk home.  F hadn’t called yet, so maybe he was working late?

I got home around 7 pm and after a few minutes decided to get dinner on the table.  I started to heat up the soup from last night and set the table.  
F called a few minutes later and was home quite soon.  He’d been to the doctor.

We had dinner and then I suggested that F do the dishes. I wasn’t mean about it, but it was time he did them.  There wasn’t that much to do, since most of the meal was already made, just had to be reheated.  

In the evening, I noticed that Groundhog Day was playing on WOWOW.  I haven’t seen it in yonks so I asked F to put it on.  He didn’t really watch it at first, but I think he was pulled in and really seemed to enjoy it.  Yay.  

He went out to the convenience store and to run an errand, and came home and took his bath.  

He finally went to bed, and of course, I’m still up, but planning on going to bed soon.  

Tomorrow I MUST take my stuff to the post office!  If I don’t get it into the mail, it absolutely won’t arrive until February, and that would be bad! 

Come back later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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