December 2, 2016

Friday - Cloudy

A goodish day.

I got up early this morning, got up and stayed up.  I had some breakfast and tea and even did a little bit of gift wrapping in the early part of the afternoon.

I had a lovely Buddha bowl for lunch today and also spent a bit of time on my computer.  

When it was time to start work on dinner, I did, but something happened.  I planned to have guacamole and tortilla chips for dinner and I had put out the avocados on the table for a few days.  The first one I opened was slightly over-ripe.  The next 3 that I opened gave slightly to the touch on the outside, but when I cut them open, were rock hard.  No way I could make guacamole with them. I looked up what to do with them on the internet and one of the ideas was to bake eggs in them.  So, after F came home, that’s what I did.  

Tonight’s dinner was baked egg in avocado, some tortilla chips and guac, plus something I like to call “Clean Out the Fridge” Buffet.  It was quite good actually.  We had all sorts of stuff, salad, brussel sprouts, kimchi, some cold meat and it was all nice. 

F is not doing very well. His back is really bothering him and he hasn’t been to see a doctor about it for a while.  I really hope that he finds a new doctor that he can work with, soon.

Anyway, it is terribly late and I have to get to bed soon as tomorrow will be a busy day.  Come back soon and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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