December 20, 2016

Tuesday - Rainy then clear at night

A good day.

I got up this morning around 8:00 am and decided that I had to get up and stay up.  So, I did!  I got up, filled up the kerosene tank and then watched a bit of news on the telly.  It was an eventful day in the world…sadly not a good eventful day.  A Russian Ambassador murdered in a Turkish Art Gallery, a big truck running into a Christmas Market in Berlin. 

I watched Revenge and the news and then took a shower.  In the afternoon F came home for lunch, bringing all sorts of things that he didn’t really need!  But it’s okay.  He left again and I watched some TV, had my late lunch and then started to get ready for work.  I left the apartment around 5:30, walked to the place where I was teaching and taught a couple of lessons.  It went fairly well, considering how out of practice I am.

Around 9:00pm I was finished and I went outside.  I thought that F would be ready and waiting, but he wasn’t!  I called him to see where he was and he was still at home.  Huh?!

He came about 10 minutes later and we went to Gusto for a cheerful late dinner.  We both had steak as it was their special meal…I had mine with veggies and bread, he had his with rice and avocado.  I think it was pretty good.  

I decided that I’m going to cook dinner tomorrow night. It’ll be something simple, pasta with salad and sliced duck, but I don’t really want to make F take us out every night this week! We picked up a few things at the grocery store and then came home.  

I watched a bit of TV.  Tuesday night is one of my busy nights.  Criminal Minds was quite gruesome tonight, it was the one where Derek was kidnapped and being tortured.  

Tomorrow I have one evening class, but I’ll be home around 7 pm I think.  After that, I’ll be cooking dinner!  Wish me luck with that.  

Come back later and see how my day goes on Wednesday.  Until tomorrow….

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