December 23, 2016

Friday - Cold, windy, and rainy

A good day.

I got up this morning and watched my telly.  F was still in the apartment (it was a national holiday today) but he was supposed to go and visit his mother.  He finally did and I had time to myself.

In the afternoon when he returned we discussed lunch and finally decided to go to Doutors in the mall and have a sandwich or a dessert.  We did that, and it was a nice idea.  I had the sandwich! After our meal, we separated and each did a little bit of shopping.  I got F something else, and I hope that F got me the thing I told him to get me!!!

We came home and relaxed for a while and then around 5:30 I started to change my clothes.  We were going out for dinner.  We left our apartment at 6 and walked over to the restaurant at the University.  We had a lovely dinner at Hyakkenbori with really delicious food.  It seemed a lot like we were the only people in the restaurant, although there were tables reserved.  What did we have?  Fish, soup, sashimi and then filet steak and sushi with miso soup.  Dessert was lovely too.  We had a lava cake, a kumquat and some cookies and a cup of tea.  It was amazing. 

Our First Course
Abalone, shrimp, and a few other little things.
The Christmas tree was edible and made out of brussels sprouts!

Close up...F & I had different designs on our plates.

A clear soup with crab and a crab dumpling.

Sashimi and fish.  There was Sea Bream, Tuna, Turban Shell,
Shrimp and Fugu.

Grilled Sea Bream

Filet Steak with wasabi stalks, grilled onion, tempura romanesque
and a tomato.  I loved this looked like a record!

Chirashi sushi. It came with miso soup.

Chocolate Lava Cake, kumquat with ice cream inside, cookies and
a cute little Strawberry Santa. With tea. 

We walked home again and then spent a quiet evening in.  We’re now chilling out watching Twin Peaks.  It’s been a good day.  

Tomorrow I’m not sure what we’ll get up to.  F might go to the doctor in the morning and I hope to wrap some of the presents I bought yesterday.  I will also have to do some Christmas food shopping.  Hope the stores aren’t too, too crowded for that! Come back later and hear all about it.  Until tomorrow….

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