December 24, 2016

Saturday - Rainy and snowy

A quiet day.

I slept in rather late this morning.  I went to bed around 4 am last night, earlier than F, but still pretty late.  He got up and went to the doctor this morning, I tried to get up and went back to bed for another hour.  That of course became two or more. Sigh.

We had soba for lunch and as might be expected I wasn’t happy.  I don’t like soba that much.  F picked the place and then had ramen there.  Why would he do that in a place that is famous for soba?  I don’t know, but of course he didn’t like it! He also got quite nasty with me and said I was really grumpy.  Gee, I wonder why?  I didn’t think I was, but I HATE Japanese noodles and only agreed to go because I didn’t want to fight about food.  

After lunch I suggested going for coffee, which we did.  We went to a place in downtown Tsuruoka, a little coffee shop with amazing fruit tarts.  I had a pear and pomegranate tart, which actually wasn’t that great! They didn’t cook the pears and they were quite hard, which really felt weird.  The cakey middle part of the tart was great though.  F had a grape tart, he really liked it, but his wasn’t cooked either.

We picked up a few groceries and then came home for a while. The idea was that F was supposed to go over to his mother’s house and do some shopping for her.  However, he fell asleep on the couch and didn’t wake up until 9:00pm when I woke him up asking for dinner!

We went to Cocos for our meal and it was okay.  I had chicken and roasted potatoes, it was rather nice honestly.  F had jambalaya with shrimp and we shared the Christmas Mud Pie.  It was really good. 

We picked up a couple of things at the grocery store near Cocos as they have a foreign food section, but nothing too exciting, then came home.  When we left the restaurant, we were surprised to see it was snowing!  Here's a snap from outside the grocery store!

That's our car in the snow!
Around midnight I watched a little telly and F snoozed more on the couch after a late night snack.  

Tomorrow is our Christmas.  F wanted to open presents after midnight but I said no!  I would like to prolong it as long as possible.  I’m odd like that!

Anyway, I’m off to bed in a little bit, so I’d just like to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, whichever you prefer.  Thanks for the kind words you’ve left over the years and for coming back and reading the words from a verbose Canadian writer who just happens to live in a strange and wonderful place!  Until tomorrow….


Orchid64 said...

The cake *looks* amazing, but I can't imagine what they were thinking when it came to putting fresh pear slices on it. They're just too firm for cake. Grape might work better since they're mushier.

It's funny because that was one of those things about Japan that I used to complain about. They did their own food fabulously, but they often did odd things with Western-style food.

Merry Christmas!

Helen said...

Thank you Orchid64!

The cake part of the tart was lovely, but the fruit...much too hard. If the pears had been riper it might have worked better, but they were about the consistency of raw in hard. F did like his tart a lot more than I did mine. Oh well.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas too!