December 25, 2016

Sunday - Clear and sunny

Merry Christmas!  A good day.

We went to bed really late last night so got up late this morning.  That wasn’t a bad thing really.  I got up around 10:30 and started working on brunch.  I ended up making a couple of things, mini quiches in wonton wrappers and bacon and egg cups.  They were both pretty darn good, just a bit fiddly.

After we ate our brunch, we opened presents.  I gave F another bag of stuff for emergencies for the car.  I gave him stuff like wool toques and work gloves, bandages, antiseptic wipes, regular wipes, flashlights and lights with a magnet on them…things that come in handy when you need them.  There was even a lap blanket.  His “big” present was a couple of t-shirts and a backpack.  He often uses a really ratty one when we go away and it makes me want to throw it out.  I got a shirt and a pair of pants from my sister, and a handbag from F.  I asked for it, so he got me the one I wanted. Yay for that.  

We had an okay afternoon.  F kept putting off visiting his mother, so finally, I had a shower and then asked that we go to a drugstore.  We went and then decided to go to Yamaya too.  At Yamaya we bought a bunch of food that we wanted…don’t know when we’re going to eat it though!  

F went off to visit his mother finally and I got a head start on dinner.  I started preparing things and setting the table, etc.  We had a little buffet going.  There was salad, plus crackers, cheese, cold meat and some cans of nibbles too.  We watched a couple of movies, had a bit of drink and some food.  It was nice really.

We watched Despicable Me 2 and then the live action Cinderella, which was okay really. I wanted to watch happy things on Christmas Day.

F snoozed on the couch for a while and I got him up to take his bath.  A little while later my sister said she was okay to do a video chat, so we did that too.  It was fun seeing her and my niece and nephew too.  

It is now very late, although honestly, earlier than yesterday when I went to bed, so I’m going to end this and get to bed.  It is over for another year.  I’m sad really, but it’s okay.  I have to get back to “real life” soon anyway.  

Come back later and find out how my Boxing Day goes.  Until tomorrow….

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