December 26, 2016

Monday - Rainy

Boxing Day - A good day.

I got up this morning and watched the last episode of Revenge this morning.  It was silly fun.  I had my breakfast and my tea during it as is my habit.

I did some laundry in the early afternoon and hung it up, I planned a couple of lessons and I had a very late lunch too.  

F came home around 7 pm and I put stuff out on the table.  We were just having leftovers from yesterday, but it was nice.  We watched Pitch Perfect while we ate and both of us enjoyed it.  

In the later part of the night, F watched some TV and then at midnight, I watched some too.  

It was a quiet day really, but quite good.  Tomorrow I have to teach, and F is off in the afternoon.  We might go and have lunch or something, I’m not sure.  

Come back later on if you are interested and see how Tuesday goes around here.  Until tomorrow….

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