December 28, 2016

Wednesday - Snowy

An okay day.

I got up this morning and came through to the living room.  I watched a bit of TV and after I’d been on the couch for a while noticed that there was a milk carton sitting under the coffee table.  F strikes again.  I picked it up and put it back in the fridge.  I don’t drink it, so don’t really care if it goes sour early.  I wonder how long it was there!

I had a quiet day at home.  I worked on my Journal Column, and over the course of the day managed to get it written and hammered into shape.  

F called me around 5:30 to say he was finished work but would go to his mother’s.  I started on prep in the kitchen, but when he came home, he started in on the snack foods right away.  That was a tad annoying.  It was also disheartening, since I’d changed our menu to suit him.  

Still, when I cooked he did come over and eat and things were okay.  After dinner he did the dishes and then surprised me by asking if I’d like to go out for coffee or something.  Of course I said yes.  

We just drove to McDonald and had some Royal Milk Tea and a little bit of chat and relaxation.  After that, we went to the grocery store so he could get some beer and wander aimlessly around the store.  

We came home after that and had a quiet evening in.  We had bought some Japanese style Christmas cake tonight at the grocery store, so I made some decaf coffee and we had the cake with that.  It was nice.  

F went to bed and I’m still up, although I’m planning to go to bed soon.  I’m a little worried about too much togetherness over the next few days as we always fight over New Year and I always swear that I’ll never spend another New Year here.  

I don’t think we have any plans to be away over the next couple of days, but we will be away for a night early in the new year.  So, meet you back here tomorrow night?  Until tomorrow….

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