December 30, 2016

Friday - Cold but mostly clear

Crap day.

I got up a bit late today because I fell asleep really late last night.  I went to bed late, but lay in bed for ages and couldn’t sleep.  I’m blaming the caffeine, but it could have been anything really.  

F and I went out for lunch. I suggested his fish restaurant and that’s where we went.  It was quite nice, I had crab and ikura on rice, F had different kinds of tuna on rice.  After lunch, we picked up some kerosene and then came home for a bit.  I ended up going to bed in the afternoon and sleeping for a couple of hours.

F woke me up around 5 and after I got dressed again, we were going to go to a new coffee shop. We got there and of course they were closed.  They had just closed, early today for the upcoming holiday.  F does this thing lately where he’ll say that he’s getting ready to go somewhere and then he’ll just keep sitting at his computer.  It is so annoying.  He did that tonight too.

We tried to go to another place which was also closed, so F demanded that I pick a restaurant.  I wasn’t hungry yet, so declined that honour.  He was going to drive me home until I said that I had wanted to go to another grocery store.  

We went there and F was being his mean grumpy self so I asked him when he’d get over being angry at me.  He walked off and left me in the store.   I bought some stuff and was going to walk home, in fact I even started walking before I decided to go back and get in the car.  We didn’t talk until we got home.

Things are slightly better now, but F subjected me to the crappiest of TV tonight, so I watched something on my computer.  I cooked my dinner of pasta with salad on the side and then did my dishes.  

I’m not sure how I’m going to get through tomorrow to be honest.  I tried to ask F if we could watch something at home on the DVR tomorrow night, but he wouldn’t agree. If he is in the right mood we might go to the museum or maybe not.  I’m not hopeful.

Come back in the new year and see how the last day of 2016 goes for me.  Until tomorrow….

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