December 4, 2016

Sunday - Sunny and Warm

A good day!

I slept in as usual and when I got up I made brunch for us.  We had tea and the bagels that we didn’t eat on Friday, plus some fried avocado and a little bit of fried sweet potato too.  It was actually quite nice.

Neither of us seemed in the mood to do anything after brunch for a bit, so we vegged on our computers.  It was a lovely sunny day outside, so after a while I suggested going out for a walk, to end up at a local coffee shop.  F agreed that it was a good idea so off we went.  We saw a yamabushi along the way, blowing his shell-horn, but I didn’t get a picture as he disappeared before I had the chance.  We walked through Tsuruoka Park and past City Hall and the new concert hall. We went to Cafe Cinq where I had a nice soy latte and F had Blend coffee that he complained about.  

After a while in the shop, we left and walked on a little longer. Just outside the restaurant is a bridge and the ground around it is uneven.  I tripped and nearly did a face plant.  In saving myself I went off balance and I think I’ve put my hip out, or pulled a muscle or something.  Boo!  We walked on as walking seemed to be a good thing. We went to a packaging store and had a little look around. We didn’t buy anything, but came back by walking down Ginza-dori, which was dead today.  

At home again, we relaxed a bit longer and had some tea. 

Around 6:30 or 7 we started to think about dinner and tried to go to a Thai restaurant, but there was no parking available outside it.  We ended up at Moku-Moku and had a fairly decent meal.  I was planning to make pasta tomorrow night, but had pasta today. Sigh.  Still, it was good.  F had a Japanese meal and I had the Parisienne meal which gave me two types of pasta, soup bar, drink bar and dessert.  

Groceries were bought at the nearby MaxValu and then we came home via the gas station.  F has this crazy thing where he drives the car until it is on fumes.  I keep telling him not to do it as when there is an earthquake there isn’t any gas available, and then what will happen?  My bicycle works…his doesn’t!
We spent a quiet but nice evening at home.  I watched Downton Abbey at 11 and did a bit of crochet.  That was enjoyable.  

I’m not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow.  I have a few things i have to do on the computer and there are always Christmas cards to send out!  Oh well…Come back later and find out about my day. Until tomorrow….

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