December 5, 2016

Monday - Dark, gloomy and rainy

A good day.

I overslept this morning. I woke up early, then went back to sleep and slept right through all of my alarms.  Yikes.  I got up, had a quick breakfast and then got on with my day.

I did a few things today like prepare for sending my Christmas Cards and fixing up my resume.  That took a bit of time to get it right.  

Around 5:30 I started to work on dinner and F called to say he was finished work.  He had told me he’d be late tonight and of course wasn’t.  I got a move on.

Tonight we had make our own pizzas.  We had some pizza bases from the store and we topped them with a few different things I had prepared.  Mine was particularly good.  I made a chicken, mushroom, tomato pizza with a base of 4 cheeses sauce, and then some more cheese on top.  Yum.

F put a lot of different things on his and it was okay, but not great.  We only had the two pizzas tonight, unlike other nights when we have to do more.  

I did the dishes because F wasn’t feeling well and was running around like a headless chicken looking for his suit.  He wouldn’t tell me why he needed it, he was running around too much for that.

In the evening I watched Pretty Little Liars and did a bit of crochet.  I really have no clue what is going on in that show, but I enjoy watching it.  F watched boxing and then tried to put on a horror movie in German for me, which I nicely refused to watch.

I did get one Christmas card written.  Hurray for that.  I discovered that my Christmas letter is quite a bit bigger than my card envelope, so had to do some fancy folding to make it fit.  I think it’s okay now though.  

Tomorrow I’m not sure what I’ll get up to, but come on back and find out.  Until tomorrow….

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