December 31, 2016

Saturday - Clear and sunny

Happy New Year!
A good day.

I got up this morning and showered and then waited for F.  I had a couple of cups of tea and then F came back. He was in a good mood which was nice.

I got really sleepy so went back to bed, but he came in to the room and asked if I’d like to go to the Grand El Sun for lunch.  Since I like that place I got up.  

We drove over there and of course the restaurant was closed!  We drove around a bit looking for another place to go and even went into a place, but it had nothing for me. We ended up at a Taiwanese restaurant and had a pretty decent meal. 

After lunch we went to the cafe that we tried to go to yesterday.  F and I shared a Dutch Baby Pancake and had coffee too.  It was very good.

We came home after this and vegged for a couple of hours.  F went to pick up the sushi we ordered last week and delivered some to his mum as well.  Then, F came home and we ate.  The sushi was good.  We had about half of it, and left the rest for later.

F watched a lot of really bad TV, but for a change asked if I’d like to go to Tsuruoka Park at midnight for our Hatsumode, or first visit.  I said sure, so off we went.  

We walked to the shrine and spent about 20 minutes waiting.  There weren’t that many people out tonight, which surprised me a lot.  It is a little cold, but other than that, the weather is good, so I thought there would be more people.  
Selfie from Tsuruoka Park
 We did our thing, visited the smaller shrine in the corner of the park and then came home.   

We ate the rest of the sushi and had some drink.  F is snoozing on the couch and I’m going to go off to bed soon as I’m falling asleep at my computer.

Tomorrow we’re off to Yamagata City for a night, so I won’t be here to update.  Hopefully we’ll have a good time.  I would like to go and see a movie but we’ll see about that.  Don’t miss me too much.

Have a happy New Year everyone!  Until later….

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Rosa said...

Sounds like a good start to the new year!

Happy New Year!