January 10, 2017

Tuesday - Clear, then rainy and finally snowy. Boo!

A good day.

I got up on time this morning to watch my show and do the tea and breakfast thing.  It was actually rather nice to go back to my granola and yogurt after all the rich food I’ve been eating lately.

In the afternoon I got busy.  I took a shower, then did a couple of loads of laundry.  I also undid most of my squares that I blocked yesterday and then put more squares out.  I steamed them and left them.  The actual steaming doesn’t take THAT much time, it is the pinning out of the squares and trying to get them to be perfectly shaped that takes time.  I’ve found that using graph paper seems to work rather well.  My printer can print out a couple of types, so I printed it and then used the squares to pin them out.  Of course, I made sure that the ink on the sheet wouldn’t run when/if it got wet from the steam.  

I had lunch before 4 pm for a change, watched the news and then got a start on dinner and the dishes a bit after 5.  F had told me that he would probably be late for dinner, but…called me around 5:30 to say he was finished work.  Yikes! I had oodles left to do.  

He came home around 6:30.  I was deep into preparations to make scalloped potatoes but I offered to stop making them for tonight and to make something else that was faster instead.  He said it was okay, so I kept on doing my thing.  I had to make a white sauce and put cheese in it, then layer the potatoes and the cheese sauce and then bake it for an hour.  

While it was baking I prepared some Brussel sprouts and also cooked some meat.  Fortunately, the potatoes were finished when everything else was, so we ate dinner.  I ate at the table, F ate in front of the TV.  It was my suggestion.  He’d started watching a movie and wanted to finish it and really, I would hate to stop watching a movie to come and eat.  Anyway, dinner was GREAT!  F really enjoyed it and even took seconds, I did too!  

F did dishes and then while he watched another movie, this time in English, I went into the tatami room again and blocked another 8 squares.  It took about 20 minutes to get them all laid out properly and then steam them.  They are drying/cooling overnight.  I hope to have more time tomorrow afternoon to do some more.  

I watched Criminal Minds at 11 on the couch and did some crochet too.  The episode was a little sad…possible spoiler if you live in Japan……It was the episode where Derek leaves the BAU.  I crocheted and darned in ends too.  

And that’s about it for my day.  I feel like I was really busy.  I cooked up a storm.  I have a lot of the potatoes left, but not so much meat or cooked brussel sprouts.  I can always eat them raw I guess!

Come back later and find out what I get up to on Wednesday.  I’d really like to get out of the apartment, but I’m not sure that the weather will co-operate with me.  It didn’t today!  Until tomorrow….

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