January 15, 2017

Sunday - Cold, but sunny for a bit

Horrible day.

It had a good start, however.  I slept in, but got up earlier than normal on a Sunday.  F was watching a sci-fi movie that was interesting, so I watched it too.  We were going to go out but ended up spending some time together.  Then, we got ready to go out.

Today was the Cod Soup Festival.  I do not like Cod Soup, Sam I Am, I do not.  However, good sport that I am, I said I’d go with F.  I did suggest going to a restaurant first so I could get some real food that I did like but of course was ignored.  

After helping to dig the car out of the snow, we drove to City Hall and parked there.  Then, we walked over to the street where the festival was.  Well, I walked, F practically ran.  He was at least 10 feet in front and even walked over the street when the lights had changed.  

We get to the street, and the very first stall he sees, he goes over to it, and then beckons me over so I could look at the food on offer.  There was NOTHING that I’d want to eat there.  I gave him a dirty look as I was coming over because I knew that he would do this, and he did, and that set him off.  I was told not to give him that ugly face anymore and he stormed off, back to the car.  I tried to follow him and get him to come back to the festival, but I couldn’t catch him.   There was too much ice to run and I got stuck behind a couple of slow pokes who weren’t moving.  I tried yelling to him, but he ignored me and even tried crossing the street and disappearing that way.  

He drove off, but I was nearly there so I got in the car.  We were both angry and yelling at each other. I asked him to go back and he wouldn’t. He said he’d go for ramen.  He tried to put me out of the car on a bridge, but when I wouldn’t get out, drove around the corner and parked in bus parking.  I got out then and he sped away.  

I ended up walking home via a convenience store where I bought myself a sandwich.  I came home, ate it and some soup and waited to see what was going to happen.

He seemed different when he got home. I said hello, he did too.  He didn’t talk to me much. 

In the evening I suggested going to a restaurant where I thought he could get his precious cod soup, but he said he’d go somewhere else.  I asked if I could go too and he grudgingly let me.  

We went to a fish restaurant where F had cod soup and cod sperm tempura and a sashimi donburi.  I had the donburi too, and it was good. F was not overly pleased with his cod soup.  

After dinner, we bought groceries at the store and then came home.  We were quiet but not really fighting anymore.  

I watched some silly things on YouTube and at 11 went over to the couch for Downton Abbey and some crochet.  That was therapeutic.  

Oh, and I made us some tea in the evening and gave some to F.  He had to mop up some tea from his cup, which was odd, because I’d had to mop up some too.  In fact, I’d wiped the bottom of his cup before I gave it to him.  We realized that there must be a crack in the cup that is allowing the liquid to come out.  We only noticed it because the tea had milk in it and the cup was dark brown, so we could see the light drops form on the outside of the cup.  Weird!

So, I’m not sure how things are going to be tomorrow.  F will probably be really tired tomorrow after work which is never a good thing. 

Anyway, that’s tomorrow’s story, so no need to preview that!  Come back later and find out if my Monday gets any better.  Until tomorrow….


Anonymous said...

Gosh, I am so sorry that happened! :-( Is that the sperm soup? sperm of cod? Yeah, I couldn't eat that either! I hope he was just having a bad day...and things get better. Sending love.

Helen said...

The soup is made from cod...the tempura he had later on was from the sperm...Didn't want any of it.

And sadly, things aren't getting better.

Love is very much appreciated. Thanks!