January 16, 2017

Monday - Clear, and warm, but still snowy

A not very good day.

I was having my usual nice quiet morning when F came home and ruined it all.  He was angry about his co-workers and took it out on me.  Then he started to ask me the name of the hotels we’re supposed to stay in next month on our trip. I told him.  Then he wanted to know the name of the hotel that I was planning to stay in when I stay on.  I didn’t want to tell him.  I know it sounds silly, but I was planning to give him the details later. I didn’t know why he was interrogating me about it in the middle of the day.  Anyway, I didn’t tell him so he told me to cancel the whole trip and that he won’t come with me like we planned.  Great.  I didn’t cancel my part of it however.

He left and I got on with my day.  I showered and then went and dug out the vacuum and went over much of the apartment, and the heater too.  He came back for lunch when I was finishing up.  He didn’t talk to me.

After he left, I emptied out a drawer in the kitchen and packed some of it and threw out some of the stuff.  We had stuff from years ago that needed to be garbaged. When I finished there I went over to my desk and sorted through a lot of papers and threw a bunch out there too.

After watching the news I washed the dishes quickly and then went outside and did a bit of snow shovelling in our spot.  I think I made things better.

F didn’t come home for ages.  I didn’t know why.  When he did come home I asked if I should make dinner for us but he said no.  I made myself some pasta and then ate.  When I finished doing my dishes I think he went into the kitchen and made something very smelly.  Yuck.

While he did that, I worked on the membership cull of an email group that I take care of.  It took a long time, but since F wasn’t talking to me, it wasn’t a waste of my time.  Oh, I forgot.  I also took a short nap.  I was so sleepy.  When I’m upset like I am today, I often get so tired.  

Anyway, I finished the first part of my culling, and sent a message to my co-moderator asking her to help with the next part.  
And, that’s about it.  It was a quiet day for the most part, but not a very good day.  

Come back later if you are up for it and see what I get up to on Tuesday.  Until tomorrow….

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