January 17, 2017

Tuesday - Sunny and warmer, bit of snow

A better day!

I first woke up this morning because F’s alarm had gone off and he was nowhere to be seen.  I got up, looking for him.  He was in the process of getting dressed for work.  He turned on some lights and I went back to bed and closed the door, or vice versa.

I got up at my usual time and had tea and breakfast while watching Nikita.  F came home for a few minutes then left again.  He didn’t seem in a good mood at all.  I watched my other show and then got dressed and made the bed.  I decided to go out and shovel a bit of F’s parking space.  I did quite well.  It was warmer today so I thought if I cleared a bit of it, it might melt.  I think that was a good thought. 

After I finished outside, I went into the lobby and did the sweeping there.  It was quite messy in places.  F came home while I was there.  I finished up and went inside.  

F was eating and then before he left started talking a bit. We talked a little and I got a bit of a feel for what he’s been going through at work lately, and how bad it has been. He also talked to me a bit about the plans for my birthday.  

After he left, I did a bit of internet stuff and then did some more clean up and throwing out of stuff.  I’m never sure whether concentrating on one place is better than grazing…today I did a bit of grazing and throwing!  I also listed some of my books on a Facebook site for Readers in Japan, managed to find homes for most of them.  I boxed up two sets of books and then did a bit more tossing of stuff.

I had lunch and watched a bit of telly, but kept working.  I managed to get quite a bit of stuff culled.  

F came home around 6pm tonight I think.  He didn’t seem grumpy or upset or anything for a change.  I even gave him a hug because I think he needed it.  I asked him for help sending my books out and he said he would.  I also reminded him about a couple of other things and asked if he wanted me to cook or eat out.  He decided to eat out.  

We went to the new convenience store on the big corner and sent the books quite easily.  Yay!  F did one in Japanese, I did the other package in English. 

We had dinner at Cocos and it was rather nice.  I had the ethnic chicken again and really enjoyed it.  We came home again afterwards.

We’ve had a fairly good evening together.  F has been very quiet as I think he’s very tired.  He is off work tomorrow for a personal matter, so he’ll have a bit of a break.  I hope it is a good thing.

I worked on the cull of my women’s group and sent a bunch of emails too.  I also let the other moderator take some of the names too so that she can learn to do it too.  

I also watched the last episode of Burn Notice.  I have really enjoyed the show over the years.  Tonight’s episode was bittersweet as someone made a huge sacrifice, but some of it was also funny as they used some of the lines from the opening as dialogue.  I bet that was fun for them too.  I’ve been watching that show for quite a few years, first on a terrestrial Japanese channel and then later on D-Life.  I loved it.

So that’s it for me for today.  Things are a bit better and I don’t feel like I’m in a war zone anymore. Let’s hope that continues tomorrow too. Come back later and see if it does!  Until tomorrow….

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