January 18, 2017

Wednesday - Sunny and warm

A good day.  (YES!!!)

I woke up this morning with F still in bed.  He was taking the day off today so no problem.  We snuggled for a minute or two, but nature and Nikita were calling so I had to go!

I got up, made some tea for us and I had breakfast too.  F went out to see his mother and to take her to the onsen.  I watched my shows, made the bed and then took a shower.  F came back a while after I was out. I had been working on a dish for dinner.  I got it to a stage where I could just put it in the fridge and did so. Yay me.

When he came home we talked about going for lunch.  Since I hadn’t eaten and he’d had something with his mother, I chose Hyakkenbori since I liked the look of their special lunch.  We went there, luckily they were still open.  I had the baked rolled chicken with a bun instead of rice and it was very nice.  F had cod soup and seemed to enjoy it a bit.  

After lunch, we sent off another batch of books and then F brought me home.  He came in for a few minutes and then left again. He had a couple of appointments.  

He called me around 5:30, but I thought that was still a bit early for dinner.  I was scanning postcards for my postcrossing account.  I hadn’t done it for a while.  And, I discovered that a card I received two days ago that I thought was a friendly card, was actually an official Postcrossing card…and I hadn’t registered it.  Yikes.  I was having a bad day and totally missed the card ID in the corner.  

When he came home we just relaxed for a while and then I began to cook.  I roasted some Brussels sprouts and sweet potato, then boiled some pasta.  We’d got some tortellini and some ravioli a few days ago and some special sauces for them.  I cooked them and basically everything came together and we had a nice meal.  The pasta was great and so were the sprouts and sweet potatoes.   

I volunteered to do dishes because I needed F to go and buy kerosene.  I couldn’t very well do it unless I rode my bicycle! I’d used a lot of dishes tonight serving dinner, so I was busy for a while.  Still, they got done.

F watched some telly for a while when he came home, and then I did.  I did some crochet during a show and made a couple of squares.  I probably should do some more blocking so that I don’t have a panic at the end!  

I have spent the last little bit tonight sending emails and checking on things that are part of my responsibilities as moderator of an on-line group.  I’ve been back and forth-ing with my sister too, that was fun.  

Anyway, I am done and it is my bedtime.  Hopefully things will go well tomorrow and I’ll be able to catch up with you in the evening.  Come back then.  Until tomorrow….

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