January 19, 2017

Thursday - Sunny and warm

A good day.

I got up this morning and watched my shows, drank my tea, made my bed, the usual.  F came home  before 12 and dropped off his lunch for later.  He came back later for lunch.

In the afternoon I did a bit of book sorting and also scanned my cards for Postcrossing. I decided to send them early today, so a bit before 4 pm, I got ready to go out.  I dropped off the cards at the post office and then went on to the convenience store and sent out more books.  

I came home and got started on dinner.  Tonight I made bangers and mash… and I made guacamole too.  I only used one of the two avocados as the other one was really hard.  I sliced that one and baked it…gave it to us for a side dish.  F came home when I was nearly ready and I asked him to give me a hand with the sieve for the potato draining.  He helped me and that was nice.  We had a nice meal…we couldn’t finish it actually.  

F did the dishes, which wasn’t too bad tonight as I’d washed a lot as I prepped.  

He watched some silly Japanese TV that I was bored with and so I went into the tatami room and blocked a few more of my squares.  I finished just in time to watch Bones.  

 I didn’t crochet tonight, I ate guacamole, salsa and tortilla chips.  Oh dear. Yummy though.  Both F and I enjoyed it. 

And that was about that.  

Oh, I was downloading my pictures from my camera and thought I’d post them for you.  The tall building is part of the University and is outside Hyakkenbori.  The other pictures are down the street where my little post office is.  Enjoy!

Can you see the heron on the top of the building?

We have snow!  This smaller road is actually quite well cleared.

This is the little post office I go to most of the time.  They know me there
 and are usually very nice and friendly.

Come back later and find out about my Friday.  Until tomorrow….

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