January 2, 2017

Monday - Cool and cloudy, rainy at home

A good day.

We drove to Yamagata City yesterday and had a nice trip there.  I played my iPod and lots of music along the way and we did a little shopping here and there. In Yamagata, we checked into our hotel and then went out for dinner.  

We had tonkatsu in the station and it was really good.  We were going to have Starbucks afterwards, but they closed early since it was the first of the year.  We walked around the city a bit and went to a hotel for tea and cake.  That was lovely, but a little spendy!

Christmas lights outside Yamagata Station

We ended up seeing a movie too.  My original plan was to see The Girl on a Train, but the reviews were horrible and Everybody Wants Some!! was playing at the same theatre five minutes later, so switched to that one.  We went to see it, I’m a sucker for Richard Linklater films, and both of us really enjoyed it.  Yay. It was a good choice I think.

I stayed up too late in the hotel room, but finally got some sleep.

This morning we had breakfast in the hotel and then went off to Costco and did a little shopping.  Okay, a lot!  We got F a couple of pillows, a box for my yarn, tea, a rotisserie chicken, some soy milk, some meat, some potatoes, oh, yes, more brussel sprouts, more veggies, and of course some bagels.  

We had a quick lunch at Costco too.  F is quite fond of the hot dogs…he’s learning to load them up with stuff!  After that, we visited the Mall in Yamagata, but didn’t get a lot of stuff.  I did okay though.  I bought myself some yarn on sale (no idea what I’ll use it for though) and a new bra.  The sales clerk was actually friendly and helpful there.  That was a big surprise!

Got all of this for ¥1000 yen!

We drove back home, making a stop along the way to pick up souvenirs for F’s mother and us.  I snoozed most of the way home, but F didn’t mind.

At home, F unloaded the car, while I put things away.  It wasn’t easy honestly!  I also got things out for our dinner.  We had some chicken and salad on bagels.  Yummo.  I did the dishes and we had a quiet (except for F’s J-TV blaring away) evening at home.  I read through my nengajo and I sent cards to everyone that I received one from, so that was good.  I may get more in the next couple of days though. 

Tomorrow is the last day of F’s holidays.  We’re meeting friends for lunch and then I’m not sure what we’ll be doing.  I think you’d better come back later and find out!  Until tomorrow….

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