January 29, 2017

Sunday - Cloudy, bit of rain later on

An okay day.

I slept in this morning, even later than I usually do.  F was in the living room watching boxing on the TV in the dark, so I had no reason to get up.  My excuse anyway!

When I did get up, I asked if F would like some brunch and then made some scrambled eggs on English Muffin.  It came together fairly well, except for one little thing.  I was adding some salt to the eggs and completely forgot that the top of the salt shaker is loose.  It came off in my hand and I didn’t notice until after a big dollop of salt went in the eggs.  Yikes!  F actually was pretty smart about the whole thing.  He poured off the eggs into another bowl and we left what was in the bottom of the first bowl there.  When we ate the eggs they weren’t too bad.  A little bit saltier than I would like, but definitely edible.  

F liked breakfast so I was happy. I did the dishes too.  He didn’t seem like he wanted to move at all, so around 3 pm I went for a long walk.  I didn’t really have a plan and so I ended up walking a huge distance!  I stopped in at a bakery for a few treats, then came back via a road that I’d never been by before.  I even discovered a couple of churches in Tsuruoka that I didn’t know existed!  I stopped in at McDonald and had an iced coffee and an orange/chocolate McFlurry.  I used the coupons on the app I have and I saved a few yen.  When I got the McFlurry to my seat I was surprised that it didn’t look like the one on the poster.  I couldn’t taste the orange either.  My receipt said Orange Chocolate, but this wasn’t.  I took it back to the counter when they weren’t busy and asked.  They gave me another one. It took a while for them to find the ingredients, I wonder if that’s why I didn’t get the one I wanted first?  Still, yay me.  I was nice, the guy was nice, so no big deal, but as my Japanese is pretty pathetic, I was a bit nervous about doing it.  

After a while I started towards home.  I realized when I was going to turn off the main road, that I could finally go to the little clothing and housewares shop on the corner.  I’ve been putting it off for a while.  I went in and had a little look around.  I wanted to get F a new pillow case, but I couldn’t remember the size of his pillow.  I tried texting him, but it didn’t go through.  I decided not to get one just in case.  

I walked home.  I’d walked a couple of miles all told.  Yay me.

When I got home, F was watching Hook in Japanese and relaxing, as he should be.  I checked on the pillow and the pillow cases in the store were too small.  Good thing I didn’t buy one!

We had a quiet time for a while and then around 7 went out.  F picked a restaurant that serves fish, so we went there.  I ordered, but I couldn’t have the dish I wanted.  I ended up ordering Chicken Tatsuta again.  It was….okay.  Moral of this story is don’t order meat in a fish restaurant!

We had bought a few things at the drugstore nearby before we ate, and F didn’t want to go to the grocery store afterwards, so we just came home.  

I had a quiet time and then decided to block one side of my poncho that I was working on a few months ago.  I stretched it out a bit and it looks amazing.  I hope the other side looks equally as good.  It is sitting on the ironing board cooling and drying.  

After that, it was Downton Abbey and it was a cracking great show tonight.  What am I going to do when it is all over? 

And that is my day.  F has gone to bed, not sure how well he is sleeping though.  Tomorrow I’m just not sure what I’ll get up to.  Come back tomorrow and see!  

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