January 6, 2017

Friday - Cold and a bit snowy

A good day.

I got up this morning on time and watched Nikita, made myself some porridge and tea and enjoyed myself.  I even got dressed early for a change and still found time for a short nap.  

F came home for lunch again which was fine.  I just find it hard to get things done when he’s home.  After he left, I decided to put 15 minutes on my timer and do a little bit of decluttering/cleaning in the room we hang our laundry in.  Of course, when my timer went off, I decided to stay an extra 15 minutes and do more.  I filled up a garbage bag, found a lot of stuff that I forgot I had, junked some of it and put a few things into the laundry.  I washed a few socks and two of my sarongs that I found, so really, some of it was good! I threw out a couple of sweaters that I decided I really didn’t like all that much anyway!

I decided to do my card scanning a little early, so I took care of that.  It did take a while though.  I ran off to the post office around 4:30 and even checked for new stamps, but didn’t see any.
I came home and began getting dinner ready.  I prepared a dish with Brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes and even put it in the oven.  I worked on getting some other things prepared and when F came home had quite a little feast prepared for us.  We had the last of the pulled pork on a bun each, plus the Brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes dish, salad, coleslaw and of course F was tired and didn’t eat very much. Sigh.  I know what it is like to be too tired to eat, but I do wish it didn’t happen so often with him.  

He did do the dishes, which was awfully nice of him. I was going to do them tonight, but he offered.  I suggested going out for coffee or something later, but it wasn’t until after 10pm that we went.  At first he wanted to walk, but then decided he was too tired and we drove to McDonald and had coffee.  F had a chocolate pie with his.  

We came home and F was still tired.  He took a bath and I watched The Affair and did some crochet.  

I’m really not sure what we’ll get up to this weekend.  It is a long weekend, which is not always a good thing when we don’t have plans, so I’m a little nervous about the whole thing.  Hopefully we’ll get through it okay.  I do have a few ideas on how we can pass the time!

Come back later and see how our Saturday goes.  Until tomorrow….

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