January 8, 2017

Sunday - Sunny and Warm

An odd day.

I slept in this morning as I usually do, but when I got up, F was in the living room making himself some ramen.  He was supposed to go and visit his mother, but he didn’t.

He started talking about lunch which I thought was strange, but said his ramen was very small. Okay. We went to a fish place and both had tuna and chopped tuna donburi.  The big difference was that F had extra rice, and half of my rice too.  

After lunch I suggested going to a Daiso to pick up a cheap pair of gloves to have with my new coat and then maybe a cup of coffee.  Instead of going to S-Mall like normal though, we went to Koopia and visited their Daiso.  I got my gloves (two pairs, just to be sure I always have one pair around) and F got sick.  He started feeling dizzy, and went to sit down while I was shopping.  

We still went for coffee in the Co-op, and it was really great.  It wasn’t a fancy place, but they had a few different coffee drinks.  F had a set with mocha ice cream and a caramel latte.  I just had a plain coffee and they brought that out to me with an info sheet about the coffee.  (It was from Guatemala and was very nice.)  I was impressed.  I’m not a coffee connoisseur but I appreciated the map of the coffee region on the wall and the sheet about the coffee and the roast.  Nice touches. 

After we finished our drinks we walked back to the car.  F drove us home, and we’ve stayed there ever since.  I even cooked dinner for us at home, which is strange on a long weekend. 

I made us some migas, steamed some broccoli and got out the remnants of dinners from a couple of days ago.  We even finished up the blueberries, so it was a real clean out the fridge meal.  And it was good too!  I did the dishes too because F was still saying he was not feeling well.  

We had a quiet evening in.  I worked on blocking some of my crochet squares. I’m trying a wet blocking technique, and I also tried a steam blocking method too, but our iron is very hard to make work.  It’s so bad I want to find my old iron and try that! 

We watched some of The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel or whatever it was, and then I settled in with some popcorn for Downton Abbey.  It was rather lovely to see Maggie Smith and Penelope Wilton twice in the same night. 

And that’s about it.  F has been hoovering up food of all sorts for the last half hour, but I’m starting to think about going to bed.  I’m not sure what our Monday will be like.  I’m hoping that F feels better of course.  I was also hoping that we could go to karaoke or something, but that probably won’t happen unless someone feels much better!

Come back on Monday night and find out what happens.  Until tomorrow….

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