January 9, 2017

Monday - Rainy

An okay day.

F woke me up this morning around 8 am.  He was getting back into bed.  I sleepily asked if he took out the garbage, he had, so I went back to sleep.  I didn’t get up until almost 11 am. It was so dark in the bedroom, it didn’t feel like morning yet. 

I made some tea for me and coffee for F and then we started the lunch proceeding debate.  F wanted ramen, I didn’t and then he had a good idea.  He suggested going to Maison de [honestly can’t remember] just off Ginza-dori.  I had no objections so off we went.  We drove by and all the parking was being used, so we drove a couple of blocks away and parked in the parking lot.  We walked back to the restaurant just in time to see someone drive away.  Sigh!  We went in and up and then proceeded to have a lovely lunch.

It was a French restaurant and we both had the same thing, grilled suzuki.  I think that is sea bass.  It came with a lovely salad, onion soup, I had a gorgeous bun, and we finished our meal with blanc mange and tea.  Lovely!

When we left, we walked back to the car and had to pay for two hours of parking, even though we were barely into the second hour.  Sigh.  We drove to the House Kiyakowa, the souvenir shop and had a snoop around.  We had coffee and a cake in the little cafe there and then as F was still feeling bad, came home again.

While F snoozed and watched bad TV from the couch, I went into the tatami room and found the old iron (okay, F did help with that) and then I tried to steam block some of my squares.  I did about 16 today.  I’m letting them dry/cool down and will check them tomorrow.  I hope they are okay.  

When I finished I was cold and wanted a drink, so I made myself some tea.  F woke up and wanted to know where I wanted to go for dinner.  I was perturbed since I wasn’t hungry and I wanted to enjoy my tea in peace!  He suggested another fish restaurant which I refused.  The first restaurant today wasn’t a fish place, but it was expensive, and we ate fish.  His suggestion was a fish place and was expensive too.  I could have meat there, but I didn’t really want what they sold. 

All of a sudden, F suggested a place that we’ve never gone to.  They had ramen AND other food so I said it was okay.  We went there.  F had ramen, which he said was okay, and I had a yakiniku teishoku which was okay bordering on pretty good.  I was okay with it, I think we’ll likely go back.  

I wanted to pick up groceries so asked F to drop me at the grocery store while he visited his mother.  He didn’t go yesterday or today and he’s at work early tomorrow so can’t visit then.  I shopped a bit, and then he joined me. He picked up a few things for her and then we drove them over to her house.  I waited in the car while he took in the groceries.  

We came home then and I asked that we go out again after we put the food in the fridge.  I just wasn’t ready to be in for the night.  We put away the groceries and then headed out towards Mosburger.  

At Mosburger, F had a coffee milkshake and I had a cafe au lait.  It tasted odd and I think they used something like condensed milk to make it.  It was nice to be out of the apartment for a while.

We came home and had a quiet evening in. 

Tomorrow I need to check my squares and do a few more.  I also want to go out if the weather is okay.  I feel like my holiday was more of a staycation than a real break!  

Anyway, that’s it for me.  Come back later and find out what I get up to on Tuesday.  Until tomorrow….

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