February 1, 2017

Wednesday - Cold, blustery and snowy

A goodish day.

I got up very late this morning.  It was rather shocking actually.  There was a reason however.  I didn’t sleep well last night.  I tried to get to bed earlier, but the drinks from the drink bar kept me awake.  I lay in bed for over an hour and didn’t sleep…finally around 5 am I fell asleep. When my alarm went off this morning I’m afraid I just turned it off!

I finally got up around 12:30.  F was sitting in the dark as usual watching YouTube.  After a while he talked about going for lunch and then we finally did.  I had suggested the Daiichi Hotel. I thought they had lunch until later.  They didn’t really, but last order was at 2pm and we arrived at the hotel at 1:53 or so.  They let us in and we were able to have lunch there.  It was really good today.  We had breaded pork cutlet with vegetables and gravy, cream of carrot soup, salad, dessert and drink for a a fairly reasonable price so I was quite pleased.  

On the way into the mall however, I got a nasty shock.  Subway, my favourite fast(ish) but healthy place to eat was gone!  They were taking everything down and out of the restaurant.  NOOOOO!  I loved going there and it was always my default for a quick meal.  

After our meal I made a quick visit to the hundred yen shop for some sellotape and then we came home again.  

I had a busy afternoon. I worked on my postcards and scanned them, prepared something to go to my sister and then stamped my postcards.  I didn’t know if I could get it done in time because F kept offering to take me to the post office before I was ready.  He finally took a nap in the afternoon, and I walked hurriedly there.  I got everything done, so I was safe!

When I came back I realized that my boots were soaking wet…my socks were a completely different colour in places.  Yuck. F apologized, but really, I wanted the exercise, so it was no big deal really.  I sent him off to his doctor’s appointment and got on with my stuff.  

After he came back he started asking about dinner.  I wasn’t really hungry yet, but know it is better to feed F when he needs it!  We started out with one plan in mind, then changed it, then changed that when I realized that the food at the place F wanted to try was very similar to our lunch today!  I finally suggested the curry/ramen restaurant near Voice shopping area and that’s where we went.  It was a good choice. I had curry with chicken and F had ramen and gyoza of course.  We both had drink bar and it was nice.  It was a low stress meal.

We bought a few groceries afterwards at the shop near the restaurant and then came home.  I did a little bit of square sewing on the couch tonight and then chucked it in for a bit.

Tomorrow, F is back to work.  He’s not really looking forward to going back, but I will be glad to have the apartment to myself again, for as long as he lets me have it.  I have to get ready for our trip and also for my solo part of it.  

Come back tomorrow night and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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