February 15, 2017

Wednesday - Warmer and clear

A good day.

I had the usual morning so won’t even bother writing it up for you all!  F called again to ask me to start the water for his ramen.  I think it is a little cheeky of him to ask me to do that since he knows that I hate the stuff and he uses my pan that he wrecked to make it in.  I no longer acknowledge the pan at all. He dirties it and I leave it in the sink for him to wash.  

In the afternoon I packed up a box of DVD’s and also picked up many of the used batteries that we have lying around the apartment. I put them in a clear plastic bag near the door and wrote on the calendar when to take them to the gomi station.  I prepared a small bag of stuff for my friend in the next town, mostly stuff that I am returning to her.  

I laid out the squares that I have been crocheting on the bed today to see if I have enough or not. I had the feeling that I needed to do one more, but big surprise…I’m actually done!  I have the perfect number.  Hurray. Now to finish sewing them all.  
This was just a fast layout to count them and check I had enough.
Usually I try and hide the strings better.

I also took a picture of the knitting that I have been doing.  I’ve put quite a few hours into it but it doesn’t look like much!  Sigh.  
My tiny cowl. My neck is short, but not that short!
In the afternoon, F popped back in between driving assignments and then popped back out again.  I watched some of my TV from the DVR and deleted it, and even had an early and yummy lunch.

In the evening, F called around 6 pm to say he was coming home and then did.  We got changed and decided to go to Cocos for dinner.  I really wanted their “Ethnic Chicken” and the roasted potatoes that come with it.  

We ran a few errands after dinner.  F picked up kerosene for us and then we bought a few groceries for tomorrow and the next night’s dinner.  We’re going to have tacos.  I’m straining some yogurt overnight to make fake/low-cal sour cream and tomorrow I’ll look up the recipe for taco seasonings and will probably grate some cheese too.  

I watched Macbeth on the telly when we came home.  It was a newer version of the Scottish play with Michael Fassbender.  I like him a lot usually, but I’m not sure that I liked this version.  Of course, I did miss the beginning, but it was really hard to understand what everyone was saying, and I really know Macbeth, so that was disappointing for me.  

I followed that up with some regular TV and did some square sewing.  I got about 6 squares joined tonight and then I joined that set to the one I had done before.  Tomorrow afternoon I hope to be able to block the remaining squares.  

F went to bed and I will try and go too.  I foolishly had some coffee at dinner, so I’m a little wired, but will probably be able to sleep.  

Tomorrow I could have a busyish day, so please come back later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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