February 17, 2017

Friday - Rainy

I had a good morning today. I got up on time and had a small breakfast.  I knew I was going out today, so didn’t want to have a lot of food beforehand.

I had a relaxed morning and got dressed. I stayed pretty casual today.  My friend arrived almost on time and I went out to her car.  I gave her a little gift package of things for her.  I’ve been clearing out the kitchen so gave her a packet of beets, a packet of quinoa and a magazine that I finished.  I also gave her a mini-souvenir from Sendai (some English shortbread).  

We had lunch in Hyakken Bori today and she really liked it.  I like it a lot there but haven’t taken her there before.  One reason for me is that the menu is mostly in kanji, which I can’t read.   She can though, so we did quite well.  I had the daily lunch special, she had the soup.  We talked nineteen to the dozen the whole meal and then we decided to go over to the mall for dessert.  

We drove to S-Mall and went to Doutors.  I had my usual Soy Latte and she had a coffee and ice cream.  We talked for a lot longer and then she had to go.  I had originally planned to stay in the mall and do some reading, but I changed my mind and went home.  

When I arrived, I changed my clothes and then I did a bit more sorting and throwing out of stuff.  I found my first teapot, the one I bought when I first came to Japan and washed it out.  I threw a few things out and spared a few other things as they might make packing easier.  

F finally called to say he was finished work.  He went to his house first so I started to get the table ready.  When he arrived I gave him the choice of tacos again, or taco salad.  He chose tacos.  However, he was only able to eat one smallish taco before he was done. Sigh.  I had a couple and they were good.

I did ask that he do the dishes tonight, and he did them, so that got him brownie points!  He watched the news in English and then seemed to not watch the TV after that.  I started watching TV and even though I asked if he’d like it back to watch something, he never did.  I watched a lot. I felt it was almost too much at the end of the night.

I went over to the couch for some square sewing tonight and got quite a few done.  I have some fairly big panels done, I need to sew them together so that they fit!  The worst thing would be if I had to unpick squares because I sewed them wrong.  It is looking really lovely though I must say. 

That’s about it.  Tomorrow I have a doctor appointment in the morning and then I have to sit F down and have a bit of a chat with him.  I hope that I can actually do it and not lose my courage.  I’m not sure what else we will get up to.  Come back and see in a while.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Uh-oh! Sounds like some serious changes are coming down the pike. Hope everything goes well.

The baby blanket is coming along nicely from your pics in previous days. I like the brown and white checkered pattern. It avoids being too cutesy, is more classy. :)

Helen said...

Hi Rosa, glad to hear from you again.

Yes, some big changes are in the works here. I'm not exactly happy about them to be honest, but it can't be helped.

I like the baby blanket too. I hope the baby isn't walking before I finish it though!!!

More details will follow in the coming days.....

Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

Making packing easier? A chat requiring courage? Oh dear, I do hope things are going okay. I'm on tenderhooks to see what is in store for you. Wishing you strength and wisdom in the coming days.

Helen said...

Thanks Crafty. I'll try and tell all soon. I appreciate the good wishes and wisdom would definitely be good!