February 20, 2017

Monday - Rainy and windy

A good day.

I got up this morning rather early and checked that F had taken out the garbage.  There was a lot going out and he had. Hurray for that.

I stayed up and when I went looking for today’s clean clothes, found F’s shirt hanging on the drying rack.  I have half promised him that I would fix it, but I told him it had to be clean first.  Well, it was clean and I had a bit of time, so I did it.  His button at the waist level had vanished, but in doing so, had ripped right through the fabric.  However, F likes the shirt a lot and I thought I could figure things out for him.  I made a patch for the back of the button and sewed it in, covering the hole.  Then, I sewed on a button, which I craftily took from the bottom of the shirt. F tucks in his shirt, so no one will notice that it is gone.  I finished just as he called to say that he was coming home for lunch.  I didn’t tell him what I did, just hung the shirt back up again.  I wonder if he’ll notice.  (PS…I don’t have a suitable button to replace the one on the bottom, when and if I find one, I’ll likely add it.)

F had his lunch and then left again.  He came back when he officially finished work and then went to his house.  

I had lunch then. I finished up the taco mix from last week and it was lovely.  I did the dishes then too, and decided to get to work.  

I pulled out all of the old futon and quilts that have been moulding away in the closets in the tatami room and got them ready to go out.  F promised me that he’d help me take them to the gomi station.  We took a car load full of them and it was very interesting.  It cost us about 700 yen.  

I had wanted to ditch some old chairs from my school, but F said he’d take them to a secondhand store.  I told him they were worthless, but he did it anyway.  He got 200 yen each for them, which I let him keep since it nearly covered the other expense!

Cafe latte and Soy Latte!

Hina Doll set up, plus other types of dolls

We had a nice coffee in Cafe Studio Cinq and then F dropped me off at home again for a while.  He came back fairly soon after checking on his mother.

We had dinner at a fish restaurant tonight.  Usually we have raw fish on rice, but since it was cold I wasn’t feeling it.  I had cooked fish and F had raw.  We also shared a salad, although I got most of it!  F couldn’t finish his meal again tonight.  I don’t know what is going on with him.  He just isn’t enjoying his food lately.  It might be his new medicine or just a holdover from his flu, I wish I knew.  

We came home and after some tea, F went to bed.  He got up a few times, but hopefully is sleeping now.  I watched a bit of TV and also something off the DVR.  I wrote 3 postcards as well tonight, just to have something to do!

Tomorrow I’ll be off to the post office at some point and I hope to get back to boxing, packing, sorting and throwing things out!  Oh, how exciting.  Come back and hear what gets done.  Until tomorrow….

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