February 25, 2017

Saturday - Warmer, with a bit of sleet later on

A good day.

I slept in a bit this morning, but got up and had tea eventually.  F was home and we both did a bit of tidying up and sorting.  He threw out a few things, so that was good.  I tidied up the living room near my computer, haven’t done that in a while and it was good!

F and I had lunch at home, ate a little of the leftovers in the fridge.  F couldn’t eat much again.  

We did more cleaning and sorting and then around 3 pm got changed and went out.  We ran an errand or two, including taking back some ink cartridges to the store and trying to pick up some boxes.  We arrived at the mall and first off went to check out the yarn shop.  I was lucky and was able to buy three more balls of yarn in my dye lot.  I had bought a lot before, but because I made it bigger than I planned, needed more.  Hurray for that.

We also went shopping for a present for a friend of mine and managed to get a couple of nice things I think.  I hope she likes them.  We had a cup of Royal Milk tea and a doughnut each at Mr Donut.  Mine was a fat reduced one.  It wasn’t bad, but it was really squishy-soft!

We put my shopping in the car and then went to the theater.  We redeemed a couple of point cards so were able to see La La Land for free!  Yay us.  We did buy our own popcorn though!  The movie was great.  We both really enjoyed it.  I felt bad for F though because he was in a lot of pain and not doing well.  For a change I was glad that he wasn’t sitting beside me.  He had moved over a seat as usual.  

After the movie we had dinner in the mall.  F had the fast food sections ramen (not great) and I had a bibinba…pretty darn good!  We came back to Tsuruoka and home.  

At home I watched a bit of telly and sewed a few more squares together.  Actually, today I sewed part of the panels together.  It’s just in one direction, the sewing and it went quite well, but to try and keep it invisible and even is a bit tricky.

F and I shared a cider that we got on my birthday trip and then he went off to bed.  I will try and get some sleep soon too.  I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring, I’m thinking that we might take some of our stuff over to F’s house.  It would be got to get some of the stuff out of our apartment and make a little room! 

I hope that tomorrow goes as well as today did, but you never know what will happen.  Come back later and find out what happens on Sunday.  Until tomorrow….

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