February 28, 2017

Tuesday - Clear and sunny I think?!

An okay day.

I got up this morning a little late, managed to stay awake during my breakfast and tea, but fell asleep afterwards.  I even slept through the next show.  I just couldn’t stay awake. 

I got up, dressed and made the beds and put the kettle on for another cup of tea for me.  F came home and basically took over the kitchen. It’s somewhat annoying really.  

In the afternoon, I did some letter writing and emailing and then went into the spare room and filled a garbage bag with stuff that I don’t need anymore or plastic bags or old craft projects that I don’t even remember starting.  It was a little therapeutic honestly.

F called to say he was coming home, so I did the day’s dishes and then started dinner when he arrived.  It was fairy simple tonight.  We had store bought salt lemon chicken that I sautéed, salad, quinoa, and some beets as well.  I thought it was really nice. Fumihiko told me he didn’t really like the beets though.  Too darn bad dear…all the more for ME!!!

He had said he would go to bed early, but didn’t.  He was everywhere in the apartment that I wanted to be!  I wanted in the kitchen, he was there. I wanted on the couch…you know what I mean.  Oh, one good thing was that I wrapped my friend’s birthday presents up and even got a box for them.  I should take the box to the post office tomorrow to mail them off.  

F finally headed off to bed after midnight.  I had managed to sit on the couch and do some sewing  of squares and I also later on did a little bit of knitting.  I think it is sort of cute, just slow.  

Tomorrow I have a to-do list with a bunch of things on it.  I hope I get all the things on my list crossed off.  Wish me luck with that!  

Until tomorrow….


Orchid64 said...

I remember how liberating it was for me to declutter our apartment in Japan over a number of years. As I got rid of things and the number of shelves full of stuff went down (eventually, I was able to throw out the shelves, too!), I felt freer and opener. Getting rid of things can be truly liberating.

It's funny that you mentioned beets as I steamed some yesterday! My husband doesn't like them either (many people don't as they're quite "earthy"), but I have come to like them and they are very, very good for you!

By the way, will you have as much space to live in when you move as you do now or will you have less space?

Good luck!

Helen said...

I am enjoying getting rid of some of the stuff, other of it, not so much. I feel torn when I look at things like my books or cds, but you are right, I do feel somewhat liberated too.

We're moving into F's house, but will really be living in the two rooms upstairs. I have suggested a couple of times to F that he should ask his mother to move/clear some space for our stuff in the kitchen and bathroom, but I don't think he has done that yet. We have to condense our belongings into two rooms basically and I think it is going to be a little scary!

These beets were the pre-cooked ones from Costco. I can find "real" beets here occasionally, but they are huge and quite expensive (about 500 yen for one...without the leaves). I like them a lot, but understand that they may not float everyone else's boat! My mum used to pickle them, and they were so good. I don't know if I'll buy more next time I'm at Costco or not. I think it depends on how much cooking I do after we move.

Thanks for visiting!

Orchid64 said...

I figured that the kitchen may end up being your biggest problem when moving in with F's mother. It's not only because it's "her" domain and has been for a long time, but also because of the Japanese sense of their diet options being superior to Western ones. I hope it all works out for you in the end, though I know the road ahead will likely be rough.

Fresh beets are actually expensive here, too, but not as expensive as Japan. I've bought vacuum-packed beets here once (not Costco's), and they werern't very good, but I actually had the Costco ones at a friends and loved them - it was what persuaded me to buy my own beets and steam them, so they are tasty!

Helen said...

Yeah, I'm a bit worried about the kitchen thing too. I don't cook as much fish as she does and I'm sure she doesn't cook as much meat as I do. OTOH, I do cook quite a lot of vegetarian or nearly vegan these days, which might blow her mind. I hope she likes spicy food!!

Lately my husband has been buying her a lot of convenience or grocery store food, so I'm not sure if she really is doing a lot of cooking or not. But, if she is expecting me to cook Japanese food, she will be greatly disappointed. I just don't. I like it sometimes, but I can't eat Japanese every day.

I think I must have been spoiled as a farm kid. My mother grew beets in the garden, so we had an ample supply. I don't really remember eating them any other way except pickled, but we may have. The Costco ones are very nice...I even gave a packet of them to a foreign friend for her to have. She liked them, her family didn't!!

Thanks for visiting!