March 1, 2017

Wednesday - Sunny and Warm

A busy day.

I was up on time this morning and filled the kerosene tank right off the bat.  ER was great as usual and so was my tea.  I didn’t have breakfast though.  I finished my yogurt yesterday and half debated going to McDonalds for breakfast, but decided not to.  Yay.

I went to the post office after 12 o’clock to mail off my friend’s birthday present.  I did that and then picked up a change of address form. Following that, I went to the local convenience store and got a little bit of yogurt and then came home again.  I had my very late breakfast then!

I got a delivery in the afternoon…my birthday present from the friend that I had just sent my package to.  I opened it and it was great.  She sent yoga pants, a crop top and a jacket, plus some Starbucks coffees for me.  Yay!

I vacuumed the apartment and tried to do a thorough job, especially in some of the places where we’ve just moved boxes of stuff.  I also proofed and sent off my column to the editor. Yay!  

I did the dishes in the kitchen and then decided that I’d tackle a few of the stains on the counter.  After that, I cleaned the stubborn sink stains too.  F came home a bit later, but I had been quite busy.

We had dinner out tonight, we went to Sukaze, near city hall.  They are a little expensive, but a pretty good restaurant overall.  F had fish tonight but I had their special of beef stew in a red wine sauce.  It was lovely. It came with clear mushroom soup, a gorgeous salad and bread, plus dessert and coffee afterwards.  It was a bit expensive, or at least, more than F’s meal, but I loved it.  Beef stew isn’t that common in this area because the pork is so popular.  

After dinner we bought a few groceries and then came home.  At 10 I had some decaf coffee and did some sewing together of squares.  I think I’m over the halfway point of sewing.  After this, I’ll have to do the edging.  Ack!  I feel like I’ll never finish this one. But I WILL!

And that’s basically it.  I prepared the garbage for F to take out tomorrow, but I’m a bit worried he’ll forget.  He’s taking tomorrow off, so he really doesn’t have to get up super early.  However, it is also the fire alarm inspection day, so he wants to be here for that (I don’t know why!)

Anyway, if you choose, your mission is to come back here later on and see what happens…until tomorrow….

        And now for something completely different!

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