March 10, 2017

Friday - Rainy and snowy and cold

A good day.

It is insanely late at the moment so I will just briefly say that I had a good day and did a bit of packing and sorting and stuff.  

F and I went to karaoke for a little while tonight.  I enjoyed myself a lot, but F’s back is bad and then his throat got sore.  I wanted to come home in time for a TV programme (Penny Dreadful) so we left before 11 and it was enough for now.

Penny Dreadful was great and I even recognized Tantoo Cardinal in a small part, so that was really cool.  

I am up late blogging about postcards, but really should be in bed.  Tomorrow might be a long day. We have to do a lot of packing and shifting of stuff over to F’s house.  Let’s hope that we actually do it for a change.  

Come back later and I’ll hopefully tell you all about my Saturday.  Until tomorrow….

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