March 12, 2017

Sunday - Cool but sunny

A productive day!

We went to bed terribly late last night, or this morning.  I didn’t go to bed until 4:30.  Sigh.  I set my alarm for 8:30 or so, but didn’t really expect to wake up.  I did!  And I even got up.  F and I both got dressed and we headed out to Coco’s for breakfast.  Recently, they’ve started having breakfast on weekends and holidays, but of course, I never get up then….today I did!

It was really nice.  I had a Spanish omelet and F had a Japanese meal and we were both quite pleased.  We dropped a few things over at F’s house and then came back to our apartment.  

We both worked very hard for the next few hours. I worked in the tatami room for a while and then moved over to the spare room.  I cleared away a lot of stuff and threw out many, many things.  Yay me.  I discovered a few treasures along the way too.  I found my briefcase from my sister and her husband. In it were some notes from my older nieces and a goodbye card from my friends in Canada before I left.  It nearly made me cry!  

We took a break for some bread and then went out for a quick-ish lunch. I suggested Cafe H&P and we went there.  They weren’t quick, but they were good.  We each had a stuffed crepe, mine was tuna salad, F’s was rum-raisin and we had drinks too.  I had a cafe latte, F had chocolate milk.  At first F wanted more food, but then said he’d go home and make ramen for himself.  We went home and that’s what he did.

I got back to work and cleared my way over to my clothing box.  I’d bought spare drawers for my winter clothes years ago, but F had blocked them with his stuff, so I could never get the things out. I tossed a few things immediately that were too big or hideous, and a few I’m going to look at tomorrow and probably wash and then decide.  

I made a few more boxes of stuff. Yay.  F tried to get rid of a few things, but the recycle place was closed, so he came back.  We stopped to have dinner.  I took a shower before we went out. 

I suggested going to Fireball for pasta, but hitting up the Gyomu Super on the way.  The Gyomu Super sells a lot of frozen stuff, and bulk items, plus I knew that they have chickpeas and coconut milk at reasonable prices. Yay them.   I got those ingredients, plus a couple more and then we went for dinner.

The restaurant wasn’t too busy tonight, so we had a nice meal.  I chose chorizo and cabbage spicy pasta and F chose pork and mizuna in a tomato cream sauce pasta.  They were both good, but we both thought mine was better.  We also didn’t have either pasta made bigger.  Whew!  F wanted to, but I talked him out of it.  I’m glad.  

After dinner, we bought some groceries and then came home again.  We both decided NOT to do anymore packing tonight as it was 10 pm.  F watched baseball and then wrestling until late, so I was rather annoyed with him.  I sat on the couch and sewed a few squares of my blanket. Later, I watched the repeat of Pretty Little Liars so I’m caught up with that!  

I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do tomorrow.  I plan to cook tomorrow night, so I might do some packing in the afternoon, or some cleaning, it depends how I feel.  I have to look at those clothes and then decide if I’ll keep them or toss them.  

Come back later if I haven’t bored you silly, and hear all about it.  Until tomorrow….

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