March 17, 2017

Friday - Rainy and cloudy

A good day.

I got up on time this morning and I was just getting my breakfast ready when F came home from the doctor’s office.  He was in an odd mood and we ended up having a bit of a fight.  I was rather annoyed with him and him with me.

After a bit of us being in different ends of the apartment, we decided to take some things to Hard Off to see if we could sell them.  I got 100 yen for a game, F got 250 yen for four printers!  Unbelievable really.  

Since we were now at lunch time, I suggested lunch first.  We went to a ramen/curry shop near hard off and had a pretty decent lunch.  I had a lunch special of a hamburger with rice and salad.  F had mini ramen and something else.  

After lunch, we went and ditched the stuff that we couldn’t give to Hard Off, some cords, old electric stuff.  It’s supposed to be recycled there, so that was a good thing to do I think.
We went home and loaded up the car and took another load to F’s house.  I took over some clothes today, as well as my postcard collection and a few other things.

We came home again, had some coffee and some fruit crumble and then F went to bed and I went to work!  I did a few loads of laundry, tossed a few clothes and also boxed up some of our kitchen foods.  I tossed a lot of outdated things…and gave F his precious noodles to decide if he wanted to toss or keep them.  

Around 6:30 I heard moaning from the bedroom and went to check on F. He wasn’t doing well as usual, so I suggested going for dinner.  He was okay with that.  We went to the Chinese restaurant near our apartment and had a pretty great dinner.  We came home afterwards and did a little more work before taking a break for me to watch Penny Dreadful.  I did a round of my blanket while I was watching and a bit beyond.  Yay me.  

Blanket before edging...all sewed together!
That’s about it. I’ve been watching the Tony Awards which has been really great.  I would love to go to New York and of course Broadway sometime.  I would have such a great time, if I could afford it that is!

Tomorrow I think more packing and cleaning are in order. F has to run some errands in the morning, I’m probably going to be at home for a bit.  

I think I’ll be here tomorrow night, come on back if you are interested, if not, oh well!  Until tomorrow….


Marta Goebel said...

Beautiful blanket! I wish I was so skillful... I can only knit simple blankets for my cats but your work inspired me and I feel I need to challenge myself a little next time! :)

Helen said...

Thank you! Actually, the blanket is crocheted not knitted but wasn't very difficult. It's a little time consuming making all the squares and then sewing them together, but it does look good. I'm in the middle of putting an edge on it now. I'll post a picture of it when I finish it.

Rosa said...

The blanket is looking good! I like how the subtle pattern in the center of each block links up.

I used to live near a Hard Off but never went in. That is an almost insultingly low offer for your stuff, isn't it? Hardly worth the trouble to drag it down there!

Helen said...

Thanks! I like the way the blanket looks too!!

Never went into Hard Off? It's fun!! Yes, a bit insulting, especially since the equipment actually works, but it was better than nothing. A lot of times we have to pay to have things taken away or pay to be recycled, so this was actually okay! There's always the chance someone else will need a good printer and might take one of ours...that's a good thing I think.

Thanks for visiting :-)

Adam Rafique said...

I got 20 yen for my expensive forearm crutches ....Thanks Hard Off!

Although it's nice they at least took your printers and gave you something....In Canada no pawnshops etc but then and you have to recycle them.

Helen said...

I wouldn't have minded paying to recycle them honestly, but this way someone else might use them which I think is even better.

Hard Off isn't known for being generous. Still, I enjoy looking for things there. I haven't needed crutches yet, glad to say!