March 18, 2017

Saturday - Rainy and cloudy

A good day.

I got up at a fairly decent time this morning, but decided to go back to bed very soon after. I needed more sleep.  F came back to bed too and we slept for a while. 

We got up around noon and then went out for lunch.  We went over to Hyakkenbori where I had fish again and F had tempura.  We both enjoyed our meals.  We visited the Chido Museum after that to see the Hina dolls and also the Miniature collections that were on display. Both were great.  
As usual, I took a couple of pictures of the garden afterwards.  I love seeing the changes in the place every time we visit.

In an ongoing attempt not to do work today, we followed up the museum with a trip to the mall to go to Doutors.  On the way into the mall, we found someone’s medicine…they’d dropped the bag with some stuff in it.  We turned it into the information desk, but they couldn’t make an announcement because there was a concert going on a the moment that was being broadcast live! We went to Doutors, had our beverages, picked up a few items for us and for F’s mother and then came home.  F put a few boxes in the car and I gave him some of the fruit crumble I made for his mother.  He went off to visit her and I checked my email.

I had a few things to do on my computer for my volunteer job, so I took care of that and a few other things.  F got back just as I was about to start on his corner of the room.  

Over the next few hours, F and I cleaned, boxed, sorted and threw out oodles of stuff.  Most of it was fine, but there was a lot of dust, and weird stuff.  My husband is a big packrat…I am too, but we both collect differently! 

We took a break to go and have dinner in Gusto.  We picked up more tape beforehand, and then came home and finished the corner.  We got almost all of the DVDs boxed up, and a lot of F’s books.  He wanted to keep old travel magazines, but I threw the older ones out…they won’t be useful now anyway.  

We stopped around midnight and took a break for the last of the fruit crumble and some chips and dip and tea.  After a bit, F went to bed, I’m still up but plan to get some sleep soon.  I’m tired!  

Tomorrow we will likely be doing more of the same! Boxing, packing, cleaning and sorting.  Wish us luck with it all eh?!  It is getting closer to the time when I won’t be able to update for a while, so please don’t miss me too much.  Come on back in a bit and see what’s up with me.  Until tomorrow...? 


Anonymous said...

You will be missed. Wishing you all the best with the move. X x x

Helen said...

Thank you so much! Wishing you the best with your big event too!

Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

I'm following along with your packing progress and wish you well on your move. Our move is done and now is the big job of unpacking and organizing. I was pleasantly surprised to have internet access almost immediately. We moved on Saturday and the phone company came Monday morning and hooked us up!

Helen said...

My biggest worry at the moment isn't the internet, it's more what to do with my kitchen stuff. As I just explained to my hubby, I don't know if I'll be doing most of the cooking, some of the cooking, or none of the cooking! I have a lot of stuff and I don't cook Japanese food at all. I'm just not sure what to do with my stuff. Pack it in a box and forget about it? Or bring it all along with me?

He hasn't talked to his mother about making room for our stuff in the kitchen, which to me means that he expects me to use her stuff...which I'm not really comfortable doing. Hoping it all works out.

Glad to hear you have got through your move and that the internet was up very soon! The internet should be up at his house on Wednesday, fingers crossed. But that probably means I lose it here then too! Ack!

Thanks for visiting :-)