March 19, 2017

Sunday - Clear and sunny, warmish

A good day.

I got up very late this morning, but I did go to bed very late last night too.  When I got up, F had already made a trip to his house with some stuff and had taken his mother to her hairdresser.  

He suggested taking his mother out for lunch, so I quickly got dressed and we headed out.  We picked her up and went to Nagomi, a soba & udon restaurant.  It was a good choice and we all enjoyed ourselves.  After lunch, F and I dropped her off at home and arranged a few boxes and then left.  I suggested going for coffee so we went to Aurora, a little coffee shop we’ve been to a few times, but not for ages.  It was a good choice.  I had an African coffee blend, F had the stores regular blend.  We were both pleased.

We came home and spent the next few hours working.  F went through some of his stuff in the living room, and set up the DVR to put some of my stuff on DVD (more on this later.) I “unboxed” some of his stuff in the tatami room.  F has this little habit of cleaning up by throwing everything into a box or bag.  No rhyme nor reason.  I am always annoyed by what I find when I have to go through the boxes.  Anyway, I went through 2 or three of his boxes and then got some of my boxes from the tatami room and boxed up my stuff.  

Around 7:00pm we went for dinner to Jiro and then went looking for a laundromat.  We finally found one, but I’m not sure if we’re going to use it tomorrow or not.  When we came home, we loaded up the car with stuff to take to F’s house and then looked at my bicycle.  I might ride it over to his house tomorrow so that I have it there.  

We had a quiet evening.  F tested the dvd he made and discovered that the DVD had only recorded in Japanese, not in English.  That meant that the series I had kept on the DVR for over a year was completely useless to me.  I deleted it all. Sigh.  I told F that he has to buy me the dvd of the series!  I was very disappointed, but at least I got to see it in the first place.  

I went through my paper and stationery cabinet and junked a bunch of stuff and repacked it a bit.  It took ages to do it, but it looks pretty good.  F probably will take it over to his house tomorrow.  
F went to bed a bit before midnight and I might try and get there soon myself.  It’s not early, but it would be for me lately.

Not sure if I’ll be updating tomorrow night or not, don’t miss me too much if I’m not around.  Until next time….


Kentucky Lady said...

Good luck tomorrow. Is F's house too far for you to bike to town or shopping area? I can't imagine not being able to get around on my own. Take care, come back soon. Laura

Helen said...

His house is quite far from anything. There really isn't much of interest in the area. In spring, summer & fall, I might be able to ride somewhere, but the roads are quite busy and narrow. I've been more interested in walking lately, but I think that would take forever! The buses to that area don't run very often either. Sigh.

Thanks! I'll be back when I can!