March 5, 2017

Sunday - Clear and sunny

A good day!

I slept in this morning, but so did F a bit, so nobody cared.  I got up around 11 if I remember correctly and made us some tea. F suggested going to the restaurant I had wanted to go to yesterday, so we tried.  However, when we got there, the parking lot was full and there was a note inside saying they had a private booking today.  Sigh.

He took us to Simon instead, which is a Japanese/French Fusion sort of place, and is very good.  I like it a lot, but they don’t vary their menu much.  We both had pork with what looked like ratatouille on top.  It was good, as were the side dishes.

We went home after lunch, I put on my work clothes, and we spent the next few hours packing, sorting and cleaning up.  We took out 10 bags of garbage and F took my cd racks over to his house today for me.  I cleaned up a couple of corners in the room we use to hang our laundry in, then when he got back, I switched to cleaning the tatami room.  I got a couple of areas sorted there too.  I discovered that F had boxed up some odd stuff.  He was going to take a lot of old cans of stuff to his house.  Cans that really should be emptied and crushed…weird things.  Anyway, I sorted a lot of that out and threw out a bunch of crap!

We stopped around 7:30 to go and have dinner.  F wanted cheap and cheerful, so we went to Marumatsu near the grocery store.  I had a more expensive meal, which was pretty good, he had a cheaper one which wasn’t.  Still, it wasn’t that bad.  

We bought a few groceries to tide us over until tomorrow night and a few things for F’s mother.  We drove over to her house and F gave her the food and put many bags of garbage in the garage there.  He’s going to put them in the garbage tomorrow when he checks on her. (We aren’t allowed to throw out stuff outside certain hours.)

We came home and since we’d worked quite hard today, decided to rest up a bit.  I suggested a movie from the DVR and then settled on The Heat with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.  F hadn’t seen it and he kind of enjoyed it.  I had seen it before, so this time I really noticed how much bad language there was in it!  Think I’d seen it on a plane before so it was probably bowdlerized.  

That was about it.  F went to bed and I’m going to go soon too.  I will have an exciting day tomorrow, so I’d like to be awake for it all!

Come back on Monday and hear all about my trip to Sakata on the train. Until tomorrow….

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