March 6, 2017

Monday - Sunny in the morning, Rainy afternoon

A good day.

I got up a bit late today. I was tired, and couldn’t get up.  I needed to, so it was inconvenient.  I started by taking a shower, then having a quick breakfast.  

I left the apartment about 15 minutes later than I originally planned to, and really had to hightail it to the train station.  I just made my train.  On the train I relaxed and took off my coat as it was warm in there.  Then, I knitted.  It was nice really. I don’t get a lot of knitting time at home these days since my other project is taking more time.  It isn’t portable though.

My friend met me in Sakata, and we spent the next few hours together.  We had lunch at a nice cafe and then hopped over to Starbucks for a coffee and a scone.  I had a mixed berry one and it was nice, I also tried the sakura latte, but forgot to ask for soy milk, so might be stuffed up tomorrow.  Gah.

My friend drove me back to the station and escorted me into the station.  I had to run a bit to catch my train…I stopped to buy water and as I was going back to the station, I saw the conductor with her head out the window of the train and her whistle in her mouth ready to blow it and give the all clear.  I think she waited for me!  Yay!!

I knitted on the way back to Tsuruoka too, but paused once in a while to enjoy the views.  

In Tsuruoka, I walked over to S-Mall and did a little shopping.  I got some coffee and tea in the hundred yen shop, then went down to Doutors and had a soy latte.  On the way to Doutors I noticed that the place where Subway was is again under construction and there are signs up saying that it will be a Pizza Hut Express.  That is actually kind of cool and might just work in the space!  Lots of kids come to the mall in the afternoons so maybe they’ll be successful.   When I was in Doutors I noticed that they had a sign up advertising for people to come and work for them in their new coffee shop in the soon to be finished renovating bus terminal.  It looks like their hours will be extended too.  I’m happy, the only thing I worry about is will they allow smoking again?  It was the greatest thing when the shop went non-smoking.  I was so happy.  

F called me when he finished work and was going to go to his mum’s.  I said I’d walk home then, so he came and joined me.  I gave him my card and let him buy a drink with it, which he then drank.  He drove me home after we bought a few things in the grocery store for his mother.  

He dropped me at home, visited his mother, and then we went out for dinner.  We tried to go to Sashimiya, but it was closed, so we ended up at the tonkatsu restaurant nearby.  It was good, but a little heavy for me today.  

We ate, then bought some groceries and came home.  F watched fighting junk all through my show, good thing I had pre-set the DVR for my show.  I didn’t get any couch-time tonight at all. Boo.

I did watch a documentary that my friend told me about, well, part of it anyway. I watched and knitted, that was good.  

That’s about it for today.  I really should get to bed soon, since I have to make up for the time I was away today.  I need to pack.  Come back on Tuesday and hear more scintillating tales from moi!  Until tomorrow….

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