March 7, 2017

Tuesday - Colder and snowy

A busy day.

I got up this morning with no alarms as I had forgotten to set any last night.  I was impressed by myself!  I watched ER, had breakfast and coffee for a change, then promptly fell asleep on the couch during White Collar.  

I got up afterwards and made the bed and waited for F to come home, except he didn’t.  Oh dear.  I did do quite a few loads of laundry.  I washed some of the clothes that I had found during my cleaning and packing, and got it all hung up to dry.

I continued to do more laundry and finally did a bit of cleaning around my computer.  I spent a bit of time on it before F came home, but after he arrived, did a lot more.

I cooked dinner tonight and it was quite good.  We had gnocchi with 4 cheese pasta sauce, sautéd spinach, chicken and salad.  Of course I had to wash the spinach and the salad too for a change.  My hands were so cold.  F did the dishes afterwards which I am glad about.

We had a quiet evening really. I finished up the area beside my computer desk, so I was able to open the cupboard and see what was inside.  There were a lot of photographs and it was rather a lovely thing to look through them and see people I love and miss.

There was nothing on TV for me tonight, and even through F asked if I wanted to watch something, there was nothing to watch. Sigh.  So, no knitting and no squares sewing tonight.  However, there was lots of throwing out of garbage, which I am happy about!

Come back on Wednesday and see what I get up to.  It might be good, it might be bad! Until tomorrow….

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