April 17, 2017

Monday - Sunny in the morning, cloudy later on, rainy and now very Kate Bush-y out there.

An okay day.

I got up this morning after my alarm went off and left with F for the apartment.  We got our coffee and were on our way.  F dropped me off at the end of the driveway, which suited me just fine.  I walked to the apartment, and then dropped off most of my stuff and then walked the garbage out to the gomi station.  The sky was a perfect blue and the cherry trees were in full bloom and looked wonderful.  I even had a short conversation with a lady about how lovely they were!

I went into the apartment and vegged for a while.  I just couldn't get motivated to move.  I did try, really I did.  I watched ER and had breakfast, same as usual.  Afterwards I took a short nap, and during the next show did a little bit of stuff.  After that show, I turned off the TV and got out my computer.  I planned some of my classes and made up the props that I'll need for the classes.  

When I finished, it was nearly 2 pm so I called Lunchtime.  I biked out to the grocery store and picked up a few things for my lunch then came back to the apartment and ate.  I watched Penny Dreadful at the same time as it is a must see for me.  Only 2 more episodes I think.  

I did a few things after that, F called and said he was going to take time off this week and asked me which day I'd prefer.  Both were days that I had to work, so I really didn't care as long as he didn't get in my way!

When F arrived a while later he was in an odd mood.  He started doing some cleaning, but instead of using the regular cleaner, he was using the bleaching/mould killer stuff.  He was using it on areas with no mould so I didn't get that.  He also announced he'd clean part of the apartment that he said he would, but he was still in his uniform.  I was rather upset and suggested that he move things out of the way first.  He didn't. I am hopeful for his sake that he didn't make a huge mess because his usual thing is to make twice the mess that he is trying to clean up.

I washed a couple of walls while he was doing that, so it wasn't like I was avoiding work. The good news is that F finally called the tatami guy who will come on Friday in the am.  He was apologizing to me, but honestly, we are usually out and about these days so it isn't a big deal for me.

We went out for dinner to Gusto, a cheapish and cheerful meal.  Well, I was cheerful anyway!  We followed that up with a quick trip to the drugstore.  I needed some laundry detergent and a battery.  We picked up a few other things, and then dropped off the stuff at the apartment and came back to F's house.  

His mother had gone to bed already.  I got out my printer and set it up.  It is wireless, but sadly, because the wireless set-up in the house isn't set up yet, I couldn't print from my computer.  I'm going to have to get a cable for it I think.  I also did manage to copy a few things, so that was good. 

F has finally gone to sleep and I'm still up.  The wind is making a terrible racket at the moment and I'm getting a bit worried about visiting Dorothy in Oz or something!

Tomorrow I'll be working in the apartment again.  I hope to go out and get a cable in the PM for my printer, and also some ink.  It is really needing it.  Wish me luck with everything.  The next few days are going to be difficult in my opinion.  

Come back soon and see how things go with me.  Until tomorrow….if I'm not blown away!   

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