April 18, 2017

 Tuesday - Cloudy with some rain in the afternoon

An okay day.

After a howling windy night, F and I got up this morning and went off to work.  He went to his paying job, and I went to the apartment to work on it.  I admit it, I relaxed for a while, but did a few things like do laundry.  I did a bit of spot cleaning and when F came home for lunch, got out of his way.

In the afternoon, I had lunch and then got quite busy.  I worked on F's old room for his clothes.  I went through some of the boxes and tossed a lot of garbage, then boxed up the good stuff!  I started to clean the walls, but realized soon that I would need to use the really strong cleaners, so did that.  I got some areas quite clean, others less so.  I thought I did a pretty good job, all things considered.

F came home a bit later and of course proceeded to re-do all that I did.  Ack.  He didn't really improve that much either.  I did ask him gently at dinner tonight to please do something different tomorrow…I need him to go through his closet and see if he still needs the clothes there, or if they can be tossed.  In his younger days, my dear hubby liked polyester a lot.  I'm trying to wean him off that stuff!

I was in a bit of a panic tonight because I wanted to go to the electric shop to get a cable for my printer and some new ink.  F watched a show about a boxer when he wasn't cleaning.  He knew that I HAD to go to the shop too, it wasn't a frivolous thing.  With me having some classes on Thursday and Friday, I needed to be able to print out lesson plans and word cards, that kind of thing.  

Finally, we left the apartment just before 7 pm.  We got to the electronic shop and I was able to get the things I needed.  I wanted to get everything tonight because if something went wrong, I still had Wednesday as a buffer.  

We had dinner at a restaurant near the store.  F had no preference and they had both Japanese and Western style food.  I had the pasta of the day and it was lovely, F had a Chinese style dish and didn't like it much.  Sigh.  

We went to the local grocery store and picked up a few things for F's mum, us, and my work, then came back to F's house.  I got some mail, and a postcrossing card.  That was a tad surprising!  I managed to register it and it had been travelling a long time.  I put my account on hold in the middle of February, so it was sent before then.

We came upstairs, I put new ink in my printer, then tried the cord we bought.  I got everything to work and then I printed everything out.  Whew!  Tomorrow I should make up the word cards…put a backing on them or something and do a last minute check on things.  

Oh, and I managed to post to my blog last night!  Woot.  I typed it on my computer, AirDropped it to my phone and then emailed it in.  I think I tried to do that before, but it didn't work.  Last night…success!  I have a backlog of entries but I'm not really sure how to set them up, so will wait until I have my internet actually set up.  

Well, I have to go.  It's been an okay day, but it was quite busy in the middle.  Come back soon and see if I'm still here.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

You are really busy these days! Hope everything is going well. Glad to see some new entries now and hopefully there are more to come. :D

Helen said...

I am quite busy actually. Doing all my internet stuff from my phone is a pain in the neck too, but at least I have outside contact!

I am glad I worked out how to blog again too! Thanks for visiting.