April 19, 2017

Wednesday - Windy and Rainy, cold

A weird day.

This morning I overslept a bit.  I woke up at 6 am, unusually for me, then went back to sleep.  I woke up again on my third alarm.  F was already dressed and hadn't even woken me or talked to me yet.  I think that surprised me more than me oversleeping.

We got our coffees at 7-11 and F dropped me off at the apartment, even helping me into the apartment for a change with my stuff.  That was nice of him.  He went off on his way, and I drank my coffee and watched the news.  Today though, I decided to use my vegging out time usefully, so I prepared the vocab cards that I printed out last night.  It took a while, but I got everything cut out and looking good.  

Around 10 I had breakfast today and then started working on the apartment.  I tidied up the tatami room, moved a lot of things out of the room, or off the straw mats.  

F didn't come home for lunch today, I half expected to see him there.  I went into the spare bedroom and started on the windows.  I took down the curtains and washed them.  Even though we will have to take them down again, I hate touching dirty curtains when I am cleaning around them.  It doesn't take long to stick them in the washer anyway.

I washed the windows and the frames around them.   It took ages because they were in quite bad shape.  I got them looking fairly good, but it wasn't a good day for doing windows with all the rain and cold wind.  I got the window done and then I took a break for lunch.  I watched Castle and then Blindspot. When I went back to the room I started on the walls.  I got one wall done almost completely, and most of another one too.  I had to use the stepladder, which I am not great with.  Heights are not my friend. 

For good measure, I threw out a few very outdated things from the fridge today.  We had stuff that had been in there for 10 years.  Gone now! I did up the garbage too so that I could take it out in the morning. I have to hide things that F might want to keep, but honestly, I don't want to keep outdated food in the fridge anyway.  There isn't too much left in the fridge now.  Some jam, some condiments, a bit of chocolate and that's about it.  Oh, I think there's an onion and a head of garlic. Yum! 

When F came to the apartment he was in a bad mood because of his back.  It was probably made worse by the weather.  I gave him some coffee and chocolate, asked him to go through the wardrobe in the room and decide if he needed to keep or toss items. He did it and then came through and drank his coffee.  I'm not sure if he really emptied his wardrobe though.  

We left for dinner soon afterwards.  He got in a strange mood when we went to the gyudon shop and stayed there for most of the night.  I didn't really understand what was going on.  I asked him about closing the mirror on my side of the car, he asked me to, then changed his mind, then stormed off.  No idea why.

We bought a few groceries after dinner and then came back to his house.  F asked me to go right into the house today rather than make him wait at the car.  I had no idea what he was talking about.  I don't make him wait.  I offer to help him take things out of the car and I don't have my door key at the ready.  How is that making him wait? He grumbled something at me, so after he unlocked the door, I went into the house and went straight upstairs.  I turned on the heater in the room and then went into the other half of the room and did some printing on my printer.  

I tried very hard not to talk to him, which wasn't difficult.  When I finally came back to the heated part of the room, he was already in bed.  

I get that he is in pain, but he's practically the only person I've seen all day and he can't even be bothered to talk to me reasonably.  I would tell him to take a flying leap tomorrow but I need to get a ride to the apartment as I have an early class tomorrow and can't miss it.  

I hope that he is feeling better soon.  Otherwise, Mr. Grumpy-pants is going to be Mr. Lonely-pants. 

And that is my update for today.  Tune in tomorrow and find out how my day went. Until tomorrow….


Kentucky Lady said...

Sounds like you are busy cleaning out the apartment. In Japan does someone come and check the apartment over? Hope life at the house is going well. Glad to hear you are teaching again. It's nice to get out during the day and talk with other adults or even children!Though today after teaching 21 kindergarters, I'm ready for some silence!!! Glad you're back to blogging, and hope your computer works soon. Typing on a phone is the "pits."


Helen said...

Thanks for visiting!

Yes, someone will come and check the apartment after we move out. Apparently, they are very picky too.

I am only covering a few classes for a friend, but it is nice to be in a classroom again. However, with only doing one lesson per class, I don't get to see any progress with the students.

I have been blogging on my computer but posting from my phone. This comment comes via my phone! It is the "pits"!