April 20th, 2017

Thursday - Clear but cold

A busy day.

I managed to get up this morning on time and went off to work with F.  He dropped me off at the apartment and I went in.  First thing I did though was to take out the gomi.  That done, it was back to the apartment.  I watched the news in English and then showered.  ER and breakfast was next.  I realized halfway through ER that I had to get ready for work, and shouldn't take my time about it.  Luckily, I had left things mostly ready. Yay.  

I walked out of the apartment and over to the place I was teaching.  Class went well and I enjoyed it, and I like to think that students enjoyed it too.  I left and walked back to the apartment again, via the convenience store.  I needed some mints and also got an iced tea for myself.  

At home I thought F might come home for lunch, but he didn't.  I watched a little telly and then decided to have lunch.  This is where it gets a bit funny.  I had bought a caesar salad mix when I was with F this morning.  It was a mixture of items, some separated from the base…basically you put everything in the base, add the dressing, put the lid back on and then shake it up to distribute everything.  Well…er…um…despite my being really careful, somehow the lid flew off in mid shake and I had garlicky caesar salad down my shirt, all over my jeans, the couch, the floor and the table.  Yay me.  About half of the salad was gone!  Luckily I hadn't put the croutons in the salad.  But, when I got up to get a cloth to clean up the mess, I knocked the croutons onto the floor.  I lost all but three of them.  I am so thankful that I had changed my clothes when I came back from my class, otherwise, my nice work clothes would have been unwearable. I cleaned up and then ate the remaining portion of my salad.  Poor me!

I did the dishes up quickly and then got dressed into my work suit.  The taxi arrived and I went out.  I went to the class and it went fairly well.  Afterwards, I reversed the situation and came back to the apartment by taxi.  

I knew that F wouldn't phone me because of my classes, so when he arrived I wasn't surprised.  He had an errand of his own to do, so he changed and left almost immediately.  I decided to do a bit of apartment work, and cleaned most of a wall in the toilet wall, and then vacuumed and finished clearing the floor of the tatami room.  Tomorrow the guy is coming to do some work on it for us.  F came back while I was vacuuming and seemed glad to see me.  

He wanted to go out for dinner soon, so we loaded a few things in the car and left the apartment.  Neither of us really had a strong opinion of what to have, so I suggested  Cocos as I was thirsty. F said it was okay so we went there. However, after we were seated, F said he wouldn't eat anything.  What?  I asked him why and he said he didn't want to go there.  The thing was, he could have suggested somewhere else, I was open to places, and had even suggested other restaurants.  I offered to leave but then he decided to have something after all.  

It wasn't a happy meal.  F basically did the modern version of contemplating his navel…stared at his phone the whole meal.  I'd offer to get him a drink, he wouldn't choose one.  The first time he did that, I flat out refused to bring him something.  

We went to a couple of grocery stores tonight.  He didn't buy anything at the first one, and I refused to go into the second one.  I was getting a tension headache from being around him and needed a break.  He came back and we went back to his house.  

I suggested unloading the car and offered to help.  He unloaded it, but refused my help.  I basically came in and upstairs again. After a long time of feeling really upset with him, I had a bit of a chat with him.  He's really not doing well physically and is in a lot of pain.  However, when he's virtually the only person I talk to most days and he can't even be bothered to ask me how I am, that is something that needs to be talked about.  This has been a week with lots of news from the outside world, and things happening to me, but there hasn't been interest at all from my husband.  I'm feeling a bit hard done by to be honest.  I didn't want this move and frankly, it is going to affect my life in only bad ways.  

Anyway…tomorrow F has the day off to deal with the move and the tatami guy.  I have an evening class and then I'm off again.  I have already prepared for my class, so most of tomorrow will be either packing or packing and cleaning.  Oh joy!

Come back later if you like and see if I post tomorrow night.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

This sounds so stressful, Helen! Hope you are taking good care of yourself in other ways so that the stress doesn't affect you too much.

Helen said...

Thanks Rosa. Things are really stressful at the moment. Self-care isn't my strong point, but I shall try and work on it! Onwards and upwards...

I am planning to start walking again once this moving nonsense is over! That will help.